Which Type of Candle Wax Burns Longest?

Nothing beats the warmth of a candle as you curl up with a good book, a show on Netflix, or dinner for two. While it is great to have a candle that burns longer than all the others, the question remains, which wax will last for a longer period of time?

Beeswax and soy wax can burn for 50 to nearly 80 hours and therefore burn the longest. However, beeswax is a little more difficult to work with due to its extremely high melting point. Paraffin, on the other hand, is believed to burn the shortest, which is about 35 to 40 hours.

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A candle can ensure your home, office, or any other place is cozy and refreshed. If the candle burns out in a matter of hours, it’s vital to get a candle that lasts longer. Below is a detailed guide on the kind of candle wax that can burn the longest. 

Which Type Of Candle Wax Burns The Shortest?

Candle experts say that soft wax possesses a lower melting temperature and greater oil content, which causes it to burn out faster. Commonly, the candles you buy in jars consist of soft wax. Moreover, where the types of waxes are concerned, paraffin is believed to have the shortest life compared, where the types of waxes are concerned. 

Which Burns Longer, Beeswax Or Soy Wax?

Beeswax candles burn much longer than soy or petroleum-based ones, burning up to five times as long on average. This is partly due to its higher density (0.958), which makes it burn slower and makes it drip much less. 

In fact, some consider beeswax a naturally dripless material. Thus, it is easy and safe to burn, producing light that is akin to the sunlight we see during the day. This material is quite dense, especially compared to soy candles, but it burns for a long time. Of course, this does not mean you should leave them burning overnight, which could be a potential fire hazard.

Which Type Of Candle Wax Burns Longest?

When it comes to the longest burning of candles, beeswax is by far the biggest winner. This substance is considered to be the most long-lasting wax due to its natural properties that make it harder than the other kinds of waxes. In addition, it needs a relatively hotter temperature to be lit.

Why Do Some Wax Last Longer Than Others? 

Various factors impact the speed at which a wax burns out. Below are three primary factors that will explain why certain waxes outlive others. 

  1. Melting point

As suggested by the name, the melting point of wax is the time it takes to melt. The wax with the highest melting point will last longer than the rest, giving you an extended burn time. 

  1. Surface tension

The surface tension of any kind of wax helps minimize its surface area. Therefore, if wax has a greater surface tension than the rest, the liquid will travel faster to the top of the wick. Consequently, the candle wax will burn out relatively quickly. 

  1. Volatility

The volatility of wax defines how readily it vaporizes. The more volatile a certain kind of wax is, the quicker it will burn out, prompting you to turn on the lights. 

How Do You Extend The Burning Time Of A Candle?

Just because the candle you bought does not last too long does not mean that you cannot take steps to prolong it. Remember, the type of wax is not the only factor that could make a candle flame out quickly. 

Here are certain tips that can help you extend the burning time of your candle. 

  1. Trim your wicks regularly

Candle experts tell you that trimming a wick allows you to enjoy a bright flame. However, a crooked or long wick can lead to the uneven burning of the flame. Eventually, you will see smoke or high flames, both of which can make you uneasy. 

You need to ensure that your wick is trimmed to around ¼ inches for the best burn time. However, it is recommended not to go below that length. 

  1. Keep your candles away from drafts, fans, and vents.

You may not have known this, but air currents can lead to uneven burning of your candle, producing excessive soot or smoke. As a result, your container will have black and messy stains that you do not want! If the candle is disturbed by any currents in the air, you will see a disturbance in the teardrop shape of a candle, leading to a release of unburnt carbon particles. 

  1. Ensure the cleanliness of the wax pool

The wax pool of your candle should be clean at all times rather than littered with pieces of charred or cut-off wicks, as well as used matches. The debris in the wax pool can cause a hindrance to the chemistry of the candle, leading to an unstable flame and your wax burning out faster than you had imagined. 

  1. Allow the candle to cool before lighting it up again

Remember, it takes at least two hours for any kind of candle to cool down completely. However, the wait is worth the function and safety.

How To Make Long Burning Candles?

If you are hoping to make your own long-lasting candles at home, then there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Continue reading to find out more!

  1. Be careful with your ingredients.

The ingredients you choose to put in your candle will matter the most. It would be best if you started off with the wax first. Beeswax and soy wax have a longer burn time than other waxes. However, as an ingredient, the latter is said to be easier to use and cheaper to buy. But beeswax can burn longer than soy wax. 

Moreover, both these waxes are environmentally friendly and renewable. So, you can decide to use either soy wax or beeswax to make your own candles at home, as per your expertise and how well you can handle this main ingredient. 

  1. Give your candles time to cool.

When you’re done with the candle-making process, be sure to allow them to cool down. Better yet, put them in the freezer. While it may become tricky to light the wick when frozen, it can extend the burn time. Wrap your wicks in aluminum foil and protect them from damage. 

  1. Use table salt

There are various benefits that table salt can provide to you, which include aiding in the extension of the life of your candles. At the time of melting the wax, during the process of making candles be sure to sprinkle just a pinch of table salt, giving it time to mix with the wax. Voila! Your candle is now all set to last for twice as long. 

If you have made it this far, then you are well aware of the candle wax that lasts the longest. However, instead of just focusing on the wax, you can take various other steps to ensure a longer burn time for your favorite candle.

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