Do homemade candles burn longer?

If you’ve ever made your own candles, then you might have noticed that they don’t always burn as long as store-bought ones. But is this always the case? How long should a homemade candle burn for, and is there a way to make them last longer?

Homemade candles can burn longer than commercial ones if you keep your wicks trimmed and at the right length at all times. Using soy wax or beeswax over other types of wax also helps, as this burn slower. Other alternative ways are cooling or freezing your candles before using them and lastly sprinkling table salt on the first wax pool.

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You might not have known it, but there are a few reasons why your homemade candles could be burning less than they should. It turns out that the solutions for these issues usually take little effort and often come from things you’ve already got in stock.

How long do homemade candles burn?

Generally, a candle burns from five to nine hours based on how much wax it has and the candle type it is. Of course, this is hopefully not by leaving your candle to burn overnight, as this might not be such a good idea.

For instance, if you’ve made an 8-oz candle, it will likely burn for about 40 hours. But this is not taking the wick into consideration, which also plays a key role in how long your candles will burn.  The larger the wick, the slower your candle will burn. If the candle has more than one wick, then it will probably burn higher.

So, to figure out how long your homemade candles will burn, you would need to calculate it based on their ounces and the numbers provided above. If we take a 24-oz candle that weighs 5 lbs., then multiply this number by five (5 lbs * 12 oz/lb), which means 120hrs or maybe more.

The type of wax also affects how long your candle lasts. For instance, candles made with soy or beeswax will last longer than an artificial product that contains chemicals like paraffin.

Do homemade candles burn longer?

In a way, homemade candles can burn longer, but that would be similar to any candle, depending on many (mostly similar) factors. The truth is that homemade candles may or may not burn longer than commercial candles. 

It all depends on the ingredients you’ve used, the wax type, the wick’s length (and if there is more than one wick), the size of the candle, and so on. 

Too many factors come into play when determining if a homemade candle will burn longer than a commercial one. For example, your candle may even have a hard time staying lit.

How do you make candles burn longer?

It is possible to make your candles burn longer, regardless of whether they’re homemade or commercial ones. 

Here are some things you can do to make your candles last longer.

Making candles burn longer: General tips

The tips listed in this section apply to both homemade candles and commercial candles. Therefore, they’re equally effective regardless of your current option.

  • Try to burn your new candle for a longer period the first time.
    This will allow the candle to create an even wax pool and burn at a balanced pace. Contrary to this, leaving your candles to burn for too long will cause them to surpass the circumference they created during the previous burn.

    Therefore, the wick will start sinking in the middle, or a wax with a “tunnel” effect that will shorten your candle’s life. Eventually, you’ll end up with a leaning wick, making the candle even harder to stay lit.
  • You should always keep your wicks trimmed at the optimal length.
    When a candle’s wick is in accordance with its length, it will give you a nice flame and allow your candle to burn at an even pace. 

Contrary to this, longer or crooked wicks will cause your candle to be consumed in less time. ¼-inch is the optimal length for candle wicks.

  • Always place your candles in safe places where the wind cannot affect them.
    Too much air can make your candle burn more quickly than it should. It can also make the candle generate too much smoke or produce soot.
  • Keep the wax pool clean.
    Remove all the debris, such as used matches or maybe charred wicks. It will cause the candle to burn erratically.
  • Before lighting up your candle again, wait until it has cooled down.
    Give a couple of hours for the candle container to cool down before lighting the candle up again.  

How to make homemade candles burn longer

Now, let’s talk about how you can burn a homemade candle for extended periods. This is after you’ve applied what was mentioned above. Since you have control over the ingredients used, this section will also help you determine why your candles have been burning so quickly.

  • The type of wax.
    To ensure that your candles burn longer, you need to start using high-quality ingredients in your recipes. If longevity is what you’re looking for, perhaps soy wax or beeswax is the best choice.

    However, between both options, we can say that soy wax is the safer choice as it is easy to use.
  • Cool the candles before using them.
    Before you start using your candles, you can also freeze them. This way, when you burn them, they will last for a longer period. We know that burning a frozen wick can be a challenge, but if you wrap it in aluminum foil, it should be perfect use once you take the candle out of the fridge.

    Once you’ve covered the wicks, proceed to protect the candles with plastic wrap. Store them in the freezer for a couple of hours, and then you’ll see how the wax burns at a slower pace.
  • Table salt can be helpful, too.
    It sounds weird, but it’s actually helpful. You need to light up the candle and wait for it to create a wax pool. Once done, blow out the candle and sprinkle a small amount of salt around the melted wax. Make sure that the salt mixes with the pool.

    This will help the wax to burn more slowly. If you do this every time you blow out your candles, you can extend their life exponentially.
  • Maintain the wick trimmed.
    Wicks are often the cause of uneven candle flames. It doesn’t matter if you’re using commercial or homemade candles; a bad wick length can cause your candle to be consumed in less time than it is intended to.

    However, if you keep it at ¼ of an inch, you will see noticeable changes as the flame will burn at a balanced pace, and your candle will last for more time.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to ensure that your candles will last for a long time, whether homemade or commercial. You can use some of these methods combined and experiment if they work together.

Why do my homemade candles burn quickly?

There are multiple reasons why candles burn so rapidly, but the primary motive is a large wick. If your candle has a larger wick for its length or if you’ve used the wrong wick type on it, then it will burn at an uneven pace. 

The problem may also be caused by the combination of wax and wick that you’re using. For instance, if you go for softer waxes and use the wrong type of wick, then your candle will probably burn quickly.

Two factors determine a candle’s burn rate: the wick size and the wax type. As explained, larger wicks will cause candles to burn faster than they should. However, like coconut wax, soft waxes will burn even faster if you don’t utilize the optimal wick size.

There is one more factor that should be taken into account. For example, the fragrance oil or essential oil used in the making process can affect how fast they burn and lead to various problems, such as sweating from too much heat outputting off your flame.

However, as long as you add it at the right temperature and stick to the formula, you shouldn’t have any problems with it in the long term.

How to fix fast-burning homemade candles

Luckily it’s not hard to fix fast-burning candles. 

Here we have a few tips you can use to fix your fast-burning homemade candles.

  • You can change your current wick size to one that fits your candles’ length.
  • You can also try using a different wax type, like coconut oil, if you’re using a softer one. Soy wax and beeswax work best for longevity. Paraffin wax is another option, but it isn’t your best choice if you care about your health.
  • If none of the options mentioned above are viable for you, consider using a candle warmer. Taking advantage of your scented candles is easier without employing a flame.

Please note that it takes more than one try to determine the perfect wick or wax type for your preferences. You can go through a “trial and error” period until you figure out the best option. 


You can’t make candles last forever, though. However, there are a few alternatives you can use if you like very specific parts of these items:

  • Salt lamps are excellent if you’re all about the ambiance that candles provide to your environment. They’re not costly and come in different shapes. If you’re lucky, you may find one in an interesting color.
  • However, if you’d like to enjoy the scent of your candles without having to spend a lot each time, then you can choose to use wax warmers.

All candles will eventually stop working, although the Lucid Candles are refillable liquid candles that “last forever.” They need to be refilled to continue working, but it’s the closest thing you’ll find to an everlasting candle.

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