Can You Bring Candles on a Plane?

Do you love candles and would love to bring your favorite scented candle on a plane? Many people wonder the same thing. Luckily, many airlines allow passengers to bring some type of candle aboard an airplane.

Candles are permitted on planes as long as they’re solid. The only regulation applied is to gel-type candles, which are subject to certain limits that you should be aware of before traveling.

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If you are planning to pack your favorite candles to bring with you on vacation or maybe take them to a relative you’re about to visit, then there are a few things you should know. There is a possibility that the airline you wish to use might not allow candles, or maybe not the type you wish to bring with you.

Furthermore, you might not be able to bring some types of candles in your checking suitcase, while other types would not even be allowed in your carry-on bag. But don’t worry, to make things easier for you, we wrote this article which will give you all the info you need.

TSA Candles Regulations

If you’re curious about how the TSA regulates candles, the truth is that they allow solid wax candles in carry-on and checked bags. However, things are a bit different when it comes to gel candles – these candles are restricted to checked bags as they belong to the TSA’s gel and aerosol category.

The TSA also recommends leaving your candles unwrapped and easy to access. This way, the process will go smoothly if your bag is required to go through a security check.

The TSA regulations for solid candles state that you can only bring candles in carry-on bags or checked bags. Whatever option works better for you is 100% allowed. Next time you travel on a plane and need to bring your candles for whatever reason, you can be sure that you’ll be able to pass the security check at the airport and get on the plane on time. 

Again, please remember that this norm only applies to solid candles. Different rules may apply if you’re carrying gel candles or liquid wax.

If you have a specific situation and are unsure of what applies in your case, keep in mind that the TSA is open to any questions via the @AskTSA Twitter account. They will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Can You Bring Candles on a Plane?

Similar to a solid bar of soap or bath bombs, you can also bring solid candles on a plane without problems. You can keep them in your carry-on bag or in your checked bag – whatever option works best for you.

It’s important to note that although solid candles are allowed on planes, different rules may apply to liquid wax, gel-type candles, and electronic candles.

  • If you have liquid wax, we recommend you read the liquids rule. Liquid wax may not be allowed in your carry-on bag, but you’re likely to be allowed to keep it in your checked bags.
  • Gel-type candles face a similar destiny. Any candle that has gel is restricted to checked baggage only.
  • Some people like flameless flickering LED candles. In that case, the batteries they use will determine whether you’ll be able to bring them on a plane or not. For instance, AA and AAA batteries are allowed. However, lithium-ion batteries are restricted to your carry-on bags due to the restrictions regarding this type of battery in checked bags.

You should be safe if you intend to travel with regular, solid candles. As long as they don’t contain gel in a form, you’re allowed to keep them in both your carry-on and checked baggage. Either option is valid, but keeping candles in containers within your carry-on luggage is highly recommended if you want to prevent them from breaking.

As for gel candles, you’re only allowed to carry a specific amount in a certain way – you can read more about this issue in the below sections.

Can you bring candles in a carry-on?

As mentioned in the section above, it depends on the type of candle. Generally speaking, you can bring your candles in your carry-on bag as long as they’re solid and contain no gel. On the other hand, the FDA doesn’t allow them to be kept in carry-on baggage due to the potential hazard that gel-type and liquid wax suppose.

As an extra, if you’re carrying electronic candles, you’re only allowed to keep them in your carry-on due to the mentioned restrictions regarding lithium-ion batteries.

Either way, we recommend using the option that’s most comfortable for you. 

Can you bring candles on an American Airlines plane?

Yes, bringing your solid candles on an American Airlines plane is completely safe. The company confirmed this fact through its Twitter account on September 5th, 2016. In the tweet, one of the customers asked if it was okay to bring new, unopened candles in her carry-on bag. American Airlines gave a positive answer.

This reply was quite specific and didn’t refer to any other types of candles. However, candles are not listed within the list of forbidden and allowed-for-travel items on their website. Thus, we can say that candles are in a “grey area” and are allowed on the company’s planes most of the time.

Other airlines have been more specific in their answers, as some of them clearly state that you cannot bring gel candles in your carry-on bags. If you plan to take gel candles to your destination and plan to fly with American Airlines, we advise you to keep them in your checked luggage to avoid any potential problems.

Can you bring scented candles on a plane?

Scented candles aren’t much different from regular candles. Therefore, you can keep them in your carry-on bags or checked luggage – whatever works best for you. We recommend you keep them in your checked luggage and wrapped up in an accessible manner, just in case.

No specific rules apply to scented candles on the FDA, FAA, or any airline out there. You can safely assume that the same norms apply to solid candles to scented candles.

With that being said, we recommend you wrap your scented candles very well to prevent them from leaving their scent all over in case you plan to store them in your carry-on bags. It can be pleasant for you, but it may not be for the rest of the passengers and may lead to unnecessary problems.

Can I bring a soy candle on a plane?

Soy candles are part of the solid candle category. Therefore, they are allowed on planes without any issues. The TSA published this information, and there isn’t any direct rule that forbids you from bringing soy candles on a plane. Most airlines don’t have specific guidelines regarding this material too. Thus, you’re more than likely to be able to bring your candles with you wherever you’re traveling.

All you must do to make sure that your candles are packed safely (you can use bubble wrap or wrap them in a sweater, for instance) is to make sure they arrive at the destination without any problems.

If you’re traveling with soy gel candles, then they will be subject to the gel regulation applied to these and other similar substances. Read the section below to get to know more about bringing gel candles on planes.

Sometimes, your candles may have to be inspected by a TSA agent. If you think that’s likely the case, we recommend you leave them unboxed and easy to handle so the process can go smoothly.

This information has been made public by the TSA. But it all depends on the agent in charge of the inspection. We recommend you be ready for any potential outcome.

Can you bring gel candles on a plane?

The official page of the TSA clearly states that you cannot bring gel candles in your carry-on bags, but you can keep them in your checked bags. Thus, although you can bring gel candles on a plane, some rules apply to it.

Most of the time, gel-like substances are allowed on planes if they are in accordance with the liquids rule. Nevertheless, the TSA is very unspecific in this regard. It is uncertain whether that rule applies to gel candles since the page only says that you cannot put gel candles in your carry-on bags.

However, a tweet from AskTSA says that you can do so as long as the total weight is 3.4 oz or less. If you have more, you’ll have to store them in your checked bags.

We can’t assure you that you will be able to bring gel candles on a plane even if you have a small quantity. Therefore, keep them in the checked luggage if you want to bring them with you to your destination.

Can you bring jar candles on a plane?

Jar candles are solid most of the time. Thus, as long as they don’t contain any type of gel within their structure, they’re safe to carry on a plane. Again, remember that gel candles are required to be packed in your carry-on bags most of the time.

If your jar candles are made of solid wax, there shouldn’t be any problems. You should be able to carry them with you on the plane, be it in your checked or carry-on bags.

We can say that this type is part of the “solid candles” category that the TSA states on its website. Therefore, you should be able to board the plane without running into any issues.

It’s important to note that the TSA website doesn’t really have very specific guidelines regarding candles. All they state is that you can place them in your baggage. Thus, some candle types exist within a very grey area.

Can you bring glass candles on the plane?

Yes, you can bring glass candles on a plane without any problems. Like jar candles, we can say that glass candles are part of the TSA’s “solid candles” definition. Thus, you shouldn’t have any problem if you’re subject to an inspection for whatever reason.

Now, if you want to bring glass candles on a plane, we highly recommend keeping them in your carry-on luggage to prevent them from breaking. If you have no choice but to store them in your checked luggage, try taking as many security measures as possible to ensure they arrive safely at the destination.

Some gel candles (if not all) are placed in glass containers. In that case, you will not be allowed to carry them in your hand luggage – you’ll have to keep them in your checked bags.

Can you bring electronic candles on a plane?

Electronic candles function with AA, AAA, or lithium-ion batteries. While AA or AAA batteries are allowed in your carry-on and checked luggage, it being an inconvenience, lithium-ion batteries are restricted to your carry-on baggage.

As mentioned above, the FAA has applied certain restrictions to lithium-ion batteries in checked bags. Thus, we recommend you go through the FAA’s page regarding Lithium Batteries in Baggage to learn more about the rules that apply to electronic candles and similar devices that work with lithium-ion or lithium-metal batteries. 

Lastly, the FDA recommends you leave out any item that makes you have second thoughts.

Can you take LED candles on a plane?

LED candles fall in the same category as electronic candles. Therefore, the same rules apply to them. You can bring them with you in your carry-on bags or leave them in your checked baggage if they function with AA or AAA batteries, while LED candles that work with lithium-ion batteries instead should be left in your carry-on bags.

It’s also worth noting that if your LED candle’s lithium battery is not working appropriately, it will not be allowed to remain in any of your bags as it supposes a fire hazard. If the battery is overheating or working intermittently, we advise you to leave it out of your bags to avoid any potential problem during the security checking.

How many candles can you bring on a plane?

No real document or official statement dictates the number of candles you can bring with you on a plane. Therefore, the quantity is up to you. This fact only applies to solid candles.

It’s worth noting that a certain weight limit is applied to gel candles, though. Gel candles cannot be over 3.4 oz or be packed in checked baggage. This type of candle is subject to the gels and aerosols rule provided by the TSA. This rule doesn’t change regardless of the airline you’re currently traveling with.

Besides this limit applied to gel candles, you won’t find any specific “norm” that says that you’re limited to a specific number of candles during your flight. Therefore, you can bring as many as is convenient for you.

Is wax allowed on planes?

The answer to this question depends on the type of wax you want to carry. For instance, if the wax is solid, it is placed in the same category as most candles. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems with them. Wax often faces the same fate as candles.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended to consider that most airlines have different rules. For instance, some of them consider solid deodorant as liquid, which means they’re subject to the norms applied to liquids.

We urge you to be cautious if you’re going to bring wax on a plane. Keep it in a carry-on liquid bag to avoid any potential problems, or store it in your checked baggage.

Can I take candles in hand luggage, EasyJet?

There aren’t any rules in the EasyJet guidelines that restrict you from taking candles in your carry-on equipment. Still, that doesn’t mean that the TSA’s norms don’t apply – they are still in place, and gel candles continue to be restricted.

When it comes to EasyJet, gels are considered liquids. As such, you’re only allowed to carry them in 100ml or smaller containers the moment you pass through security. What’s more, you’re allowed to bring as much as you can in a re-sealable 20×0 cm bag. The bag should be transparent.

Furthermore, easyJet states that, as a customer, you’re only allowed to carry up to 1,000ml in liquids. Since gel candles are considered liquids, you may want to reconsider your equipment if you travel with other similar substances.

Can you take candles on a Ryanair plane?

Ryanair has very similar rules to EasyJet and other airlines regarding candles. While they do not specifically state that you cannot bring candles in your gear, certain rules may apply if your candle’s structure is considered a liquid, which is the case with gel candles.

The same rule about carrying liquids in containers of up to 100ml each is applied, and the same limit of 1.000ml per person exists. Therefore, we recommend you take the necessary precautions if you’re traveling with this airline.

Again, the TSA’s regulations still apply. We recommend going through Ryanair’s regulations and the TSA’s liquid norms to make sure that you’re following the rules. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary headaches while at the airport.

How can you bring candles on a plane?

You can bring candles on a plane as you’d like and find it convenient. If you’re carrying them in your hand luggage, they’ll be safe during the whole trip. However, if you’re keeping them in checked bags, you may want to reconsider how you’ll store them. In the section below, we’ll discuss several tips you can use to pack your candles in any checked luggage.

How to pack candles in checked luggage

Before we start this section, let us refresh on some facts: solid candles are permitted in carry-on luggage and checked baggage. On the other hand, gel candles are limited on most airlines, and it is mandatory to keep them in your checked baggage.

If you want to learn more about what you can bring on a plane, visit the TSA’s website to find everything you need to know.

Packing candles in checked baggage safely. 

The TSA allows you to pack candles in your checked or carry-on luggage. If you can’t bring solid candles with you in your hand luggage for whatever reason, then we have some tips you can use to ensure that they arrive safely at the destination.

  1. You can use clothing as the packaging material.

Clothing can protect your candles as much as possible if you add enough layers to the item. This is especially recommended if you’re carrying candles in glass containers. We recommend placing at least three inches of clothing, or any other soft material, around your candle to keep it protected at all times.

If you’re going to use clothes, try to make sure that they don’t come into contact with the candle’s wax. Otherwise, they may get stained with oils, wax, and other ingredients.

  1. Add some extra protection.

If you’re carrying candles in your checked luggage, we advise you to seal them in airtight zippered plastic bags. Having your equipment checked is always possible when you travel, so using clear bags is the best option.

This is highly recommendable, especially if you’ll travel with glass candles. This way, even if the container breaks, it will not get into the other items and will remain in the bag until you’re ready to unpack.

  1. Other considerations

People who travel with candles may also travel with fire devices, like lighters o safety matches. While these items are approved by the TSA to be stored in carry-on luggage, some of these are strictly forbidden in checked baggage. Furthermore, if the Zippo lighter or regular lighter you’re carrying with you doesn’t contain fuel, you’re only allowed to keep it in your checked bags.

It’s also worth noting that even though there aren’t real restrictions when it comes to candles, we advise you to be prepared for any possible outcome. Sometimes, you may have to show all the contents from your bag to the TSA agent at the Security Checkpoint – and they’ll have the final word.


Understanding how the TSA and different airlines regulate candles isn’t complicated. Usually, candles are permitted on planes as long as they’re solid. The only regulation applied is to gel-type candles, which are subject to certain limits that you should be aware of before traveling.

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