Will Bath Bombs Stain My Tub?

What Causes Bath Bomb Stains in Tubs?

  • Bath Bomb Composition: Bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and cornflour. Additives like oils and butter enhance skin health benefits.
  • Stain Causes: Stains arise from excessive colorants, poor bomb quality, aged or damaged tub surfaces, and not cleaning tubs post-use.
  • Preventive Measures: Use lighter-colored bath bombs, clean tubs before and after use, buy from reputable suppliers, and limit bath bomb frequency and duration.

How Do Bath Bombs Work?

  • Effervescence Mechanism: The fizzing action in bath bombs results from the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, producing carbon dioxide gas when contacted with water.
  • Additional Elements: Colors, petals, peels, and sparkles enhance the bath bomb experience.

Why Do Some Bath Bombs Stain More Than Others?

  • Colorant Concentration: Over-pigmented bath bombs, especially vibrant or dark colors, are more likely to stain tubs.
  • Usage Instructions: Following manufacturer’s guidelines on bath bomb usage and tub cleaning post-use is crucial.
  • Tub Condition: Older tubs with worn surfaces or those cleaned with abrasive products are more prone to staining.

How Can I Clean Bath Bomb Stains?

  • Cleaning Methods: Use appropriate cleaners based on the colorant type – water-based pigments or oil-based colors.
  • Surfactants Use: For oil-based pigments, surfactants like dish soap help remove stains by facilitating the mixture of oil and water.

How to Prevent Bath Bomb Stains?

  • Bath Bomb Choice: Opt for color-free or light-colored bath bombs.
  • Regular Cleaning: Maintain cleanliness of the tub before and after bath bomb use.
  • Supplier Selection: Choose bath bombs from well-known, reputable suppliers.


  • Tub Surface and Bath Bomb Design: Most bathtubs resist stains due to their non-porous surface, and bath bombs are typically designed not to stain. However, tub surface damage or heavy pigmentation in bath bombs can lead to stains, removable with the right cleaning approach.

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