Why Is My Candle Crackling/Popping? (And how to stop it)

Imagine lighting your candle and sitting down to bask in its glow when you suddenly hear a popping and crackling sound coming from it. You are confused, unable to figure out why your candle is making that noise. Well, there is nothing to worry about. This guide will tell you why your candle is making such a sound and how to put an end to it. 

Candle crackling and popping happens due to the accumulation of too much carbon on the candlewick or mushrooming. This happens because of moisture accumulation, impurities within the wax, a too-long candlewick, or air bubbles trapped inside the wax.

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Candles are aromatic and beautiful and are also used for therapeutic purposes. However, if your candle starts to make a popping and crackling sound, it could make you uneasy. Continue reading to find out what you can do about this popping and crackling sound.

What Is A Crackling (Popping) Candle?

Consequently, a crackling or popping candle can lead to various problems, such as tunneling, soot release, and much more. If you happen to notice that your candles are making a popping or crackling sound, then you must take care of it right away. However, as much as you do not like seeing an uneven burn, it will not benefit you to panic right away. Before you can fix an issue with your candle, you must first know the causes behind it.

Is It Normal For Candles To Pop?

No, it’s not. If your candlewick mushrooms or the wax accumulates too much carbon, your candle is not going to perform as it should be, and eventually, this will lead to pop or wick crackle. In addition, if it acquires moisture and impurities, it’s bound to pop due to the irregularity displayed by the flame. Otherwise, your candle should continue to work just fine and provide you with the calm you crave right now.

Why Are My Candles Cracking And Popping?

Candles that crackle or pop may happen due to several reasons. All these issues have an adverse effect on the flame, leading to an irregular burn. 

Below are some reasons why your candle might be acting out. See if you can identify exactly what is causing the popping and crackling sound. 

  1. Moisture

You may have placed your candle in your freezer or bathroom before you took it out to light it up. Or extinguish the flame using water the last time you burnt it. Or did you forget your candle out on the patio? Either one of these reasons could have caused moisture on your candle!

The first thing you need to remember is that placing your candle in the freezer can cause a lot of damage, even to the container. Lighting the candle when it is freezing will bring about a drastic change in its temperature. Consequently, the jar or container that the candle is in could also get fractured. 

Moreover, if water gets into the candle or its wick, it can negatively impact the flame. As a result, you will see that the flame burns erratically, making a popping or crackling sound. 

  1. Impurities

If you leave your candle out without any proper covering or container, it will eventually collect grime and dust. As a result, your candle will cause various problems for you when you try to light it.

The dirt settles down on the exterior of the candle and eventually integrates with the wax while the flame burns. This gives you a whole new set of problems related to your candles, such as an unstable and irregular flame and the sound of crackling. In addition, the grime and dust that blankets the surface of your candle also lead to the expulsion of soot. 

  1. Long candlewick

If you do not regularly trim your wick down to ¼ inches, it is bound to get too long, as compared to the length of your candle. This will allow it to retain carbon, forcing it to mushroom or become disfigured. Eventually, you will notice that your flame is burning erratically and becoming unstable, making a popping sound.

  1. Air bubbles

Often, an inadequate manufacturing process leaves a bunch of air bubbles trapped inside the wax of the candle. As the candle starts to burn gradually, air bubbles are released, making a popping and crackling noise. 

Would My Candle Explode If It Crackled? 

First of all, a candle explosion is believed to be an incorrect term when describing what happens to candles when they make a crackling or popping sound. After all, your candle is not a little stick of dynamite waiting to go off at any moment. 

However, you can say that the popping sound of a candle could be an indication of a fire, which could lead to some form of an explosion. For example, if your candle is placed in a container or jar made out of glass, then it can explode under certain circumstances.

You may not know this, but when water connects with the wax of a candle, it poses the risk of creating a splatter reaction, forcing the wax to melt. The candle and the container will eventually heat up because the wax can only melt in significantly high temperatures. It is common for the candle to start heating up at the center, at first, before spreading to the rest of the areas. After the heat reaches a considerably high point, the container or jar made out of glass might explode. 

Simply put, your candle cannot explode when it crackles. On the other hand, it can certainly lead to drastic consequences for your glass jar or container when the wax starts to melt on account of an irregular flame. 

How Do You Stop A Candle From Crackling?

The easiest way to stop your candle from crackling is to ensure that you keep it in a dry and cool place at all times. Moreover, your candle should be kept in a container or jar of some kind to keep it away from impurities at all times. 

On the other hand, the popping sound could directly result from improprieties existing in the wax. The candle in question should be blown out right away in such cases. 

In addition, you should discard it as soon as possible or take it back to the place you brought it from. It is not worth the risk. 

How To Prevent Candles Crackling?

Given that the crackling or popping sound that your candle is making is not a direct result of a faulty manufacturing process, then there are some things that you can do to fix this issue. The tips below can help you prevent your candle from popping and crackling.

  1. Think about changing the location

If your candle is currently sitting on your bathroom sink or your kitchen counter, then you already know the culprits responsible for drawing in moisture. Try avoiding these locations or any location with any water source in the house to ensure that no water mishaps occur with it. In addition, try to keep your candle away from the freezer too to save it from accumulating moisture.

  1. Cover the candle between uses

Try to get in the habit of putting the lid on the container that houses your candle every time you blow out the flame. This will make sure that the top of your candle is kept safe from any grime and dirt that may come from it. Moreover, this will prevent moisture accumulation if you have chosen to keep the candle in your bathroom.

You may not know this, but candles eventually dry out over time, and their fragrance oil begins evaporating. This can happen even if you do not light up your candle. Therefore, using a lid is a sure-fire way of ensuring the freshness of your favorite candle. 

  1. Clean the candle before burning it

Taking time out to wipe your candle will help you remove any grime and dirt that it could have collected. In addition, any excess moisture will be removed that the candle acquired while sitting on the shelf near the kitchen sink. 

  1. Focus on trimming the candlewick

It would be best if you never forgot to take care of your wick and keep its length in accordance with the height of your candle. You can also opt for the suggested length, which is ¼ inches. 

Candles have various benefits, such as accentuating your personality and bringing your home to life. So, it is in your best interests to abide by candle-care instructions down to a tee. With this guide, you can not only identify the cause but take steps to ensure that no more popping or crackling sound is coming from your candle. Happy lighting.

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