Can You Remelt Lip Balm?

If you just started out making lip balm at home, you’ll probably make some mistakes, which lead to a failed batch. But if you did some research, you’d know that you can remelt Lip Balm to save it. And if you didn’t, this article will hopefully help you with how to do it. 

You can remelt Lip Balm as long you have not added any heat-sensitive ingredients to it. Remelting lip Balm can be done as many times as needed until you reach the desired outcome.

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Creating lip balms with different flavors, tints, and essential oils is soothing. Once you start preparing your lip balm at home, you’ll never go back for store-bought ones. The most significant benefit of making lip balm is that you can fix your formulation with practice. 

Here is a complete guide about how you can remelt lip balm to make it just as you want it.

Why Would You Want To Remelt Your Lip Balm?

In creating a lip balm, you can make several mistakes, especially in the formulation. You can make up for your mistake and remelt your lip balm for adding any of the missed ingredients.

If your molten lip balm cools immediately after taking it out from the microwave, it will appear separated or hardened. It will not pour evenly in this state, so you can remelt the lip balm before you pour it into its container.

If you desire a colorful glow on your lips, you can add a lip tint to your lip balm. It can be any substance that is safe for the skin and body. Natural or synthetic colorants give the desired color to your lip balm. You can also use broken lipsticks or eye shadows to color your lip balm.

If the lip balm is losing scents, you can heat it to remelt and add your choice’s fragrance. It can be an essential oil or an edible substance like vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa, or peppermint. There are a lot of possibilities for incorporating flavors into the lip balm.

You can also add some unique ingredients to improve your lip balm. Vitamin E has great healing powers and is recommended for use on lips. But reheating lip balm after adding Vitamin E will make it lose its potency.

If your lip balm is drying or melting, you can remelt it to add some shea butter, beeswax, or castor oil that will revive them. Even if you have a stock of your old and used lip balms, you may be able to save them instead of throwing them into the bin. Remelt them together, add some fragrance, tint, and essential oil, and your new lip balm is ready to use.

Can You Remelt Lip Balm?

When you are experimenting with different ingredients, the lip balm may not turn out the way you expected. One mistake can mess up the whole batch. In such a case, there is no need to throw away lip balms.

Suppose you are new to the whole Lip balm-making process or want to experiment with your lip balm and add some unique components. No worries, because remelting is the perfect way to test out your new formula. You can remelt your lip balm several times until you achieve the desired product, but just be careful to get your ratios right, or else you might end up with cracks.

But if you are in the experimenting phase, do not add any heat-sensitive ingredients unless you are sure you do not need to reheat the mixture. 

So this means, that before you start remelting a lip balm, you should consider that some ingredients are sensitive to heat. Especially vitamins and essential oils lose their potency if reheated several times. In that case, there may need to add them again.

Lip balm is made from petroleum jelly, lanolin, shea butter, or Cocoa butter. And if you want to have a smooth texture, experts recommend using beeswax. Wax is added to make lip balm stick to your lips. You can also use coconut oil or avocado oil. 

All these ingredients can melt and freeze again without having any significant change in their physical and chemical properties. You can safely remelt your lip balm if you are following the right way to do it.

If you added them after cooling in the first batch, you could probably reheat them without damaging them. The potency of essential oils decreases with heating, reducing their scent and effectiveness. Therefore, they are added after cooling the wax and base oils.

How To Melt Your Lip Balm (Explain Several Ways)

There are several ways you can remelt lip balm.

The double boiler method is considered the best practice to melt lip balm. It gives more control over the heating process as compared to the microwave. You can continuously monitor to ensure the lip balm attains the right consistency of remelting.

To make a double boiler:

  1. Take a large metal pan and fill it with water.
  2. Bring it to a boil.
  3. In a small saucepan, put all the lip balm and keep that saucepan over the boiling water.
  4. Do not attempt to heat the lip balm directly over the stove.
  5. Stir constantly with a small spoon to speed up the melting process and prevent scorching. 

Lip balm can also be melted in a microwave. Heating lip balm in a microwave requires more caution, and it can not be left unattended. Add your lip balm to a microwave-safe container. Place it in the microwave, and stir it after every 10 seconds to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed. 

The time required to melt the lip balm depends on its quantity and the type of microwave you are using. Use your judgment to manage the heating time. In general, two minutes is usually sufficient for melting a bowl of lip balm. It should get fully liquid so that it pours easily into its container. When it gets slightly cool, add your desired vitamin or essential oil.

When Remelting Will Not Help Fix Your Problem.

As the lip balm starts cooling, holes may appear on the surface, leaving an untidy look. Using a heat gun is an easy way to remelt the balm’s upper portion, then add a little bit of lip balm on the top and let it cool again. In this way, you can fix the holes in lip balm, as you would with candles. 

If you’ve added too much oil in proportion to wax or too much wax compared to oil, remelting may not fix it unless you balance the ingredients in their right harmony.

If the oils present in the lip balm have become rancid, remelting will not help. Reheating, in this case, adds a more unpleasant smell to it.

How Do You Harden Melted Lip Balm?

Hardening a melted lip balm is not difficult. If the lip balm is not settling at room temperature, it should be kept in the refrigerator, especially in summer.

Once you remelt a lip balm and pour it back in its container, it takes less than an hour to harden and set. But the time required for hardening depends on the size of the box. 

If you want it to go even quicker, you can place the jar in the fridge or freezer, where it will take only a few minutes. All the ingredients in a lip balm are oil-based, and they harden quickly at low temperatures. Just make sure it doesn’t stay for too long. 


You can remelt your lip balm to add more ingredients until you are satisfied with your product. A broken or melted lip balm can be melted again to add some components, and after hardening, it will be good as new. Most people remelt lip balm to add tint, essential oil, or fragrance to get an entirely different product. 

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