Will bath bombs stain bathing suits?

If you just bought a new bathing suit but are worried it might get stained after a bath bomb session. Well, you might not need to worry, and here is why.

A bath bomb can theoretically stain a bathing suit when: The fabric is light-colored, and the bath bomb contains a lot of colorants. You can avoid stains by dipping a small part of the bathing suit in the water to test if it leaves stains. If you have stains, you should avoid using bleach to remove them as it may worsen them. 

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You love your new bathing suit but are afraid to wear it because you’ve heard horror stories about stain-causing bath bombs. Will they ruin your favorite swimsuit? Or are these stories just stories?

Do bath bombs leave stains?

Some bathtubs have strong colorants, which means they can leave stains in the bathtub. That’s why it is often recommended to clean them thoroughly after you’ve finished your bath. 

Bath bombs are meant to be used while you’re taking a bath. So, it is supposed to come in contact with your bare skin. But if you would for any reason take a bath with clothing, it may leave stains on your clothes, especially if they are of a lighter color. 

But there are too many types of clothing to be tested on, and therefore there is no clear answer to which type exactly gets stained.

Likewise, some bath bombs (especially those from Lush) are known to dye your hair. If you have light hair, it would be best if you kept the bath bomb away from it.

Will bath bombs stain bathing suits?

We already know that it is likely for bath bombs to stain light-colored clothes. However, when it comes to bathing suits, things are a bit different as they’re usually made with fabrics that absorb pretty much every liquid that comes in contact with it.

With that being said, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to bathing suits, as it’s not likely to get stained by a bath bomb. It’s up to you if you want to use one while you’re in the bathtub. However, white bathing suits are more vulnerable to getting stains from chemicals like lotion or sunscreen. Therefore, we recommend you use dark-colored bathing suits if you’re going to be in the bathtub with a homemade bath bomb for a while.

Common bathing suit fabrics include a combination of nylon with Lycra or spandex (at about 10-20%). Polyester blends with a similar percentage of spandex are common, too. The bathing suit will be absorbent regardless of the fabric, though.

Still, one should remember that bath bombs are meant to be used on your bare skin. These products are not tested in any type of clothing because they’re not supposed to come in contact with such objects.

Do bath bombs stain towels?

Towels are quite vulnerable to stains, and if we consider that bath bombs have a certain percentage of colorants. The chances are high to stain your towels. It may not leave a stain if you use towels with dark colors like clothing. 

On the other hand, after taking a bath with a bath bomb, one should remember that to rinse your skin after you’ve gotten out of the bath.

Will a Lush bath bomb stain bathing suits?

When it comes to bathing suits, your bath bomb isn’t likely to cause a stain on them, given the nature of the bathing suit’s fabric.

Most Lush bath bombs contain a considerable number of colorants. They are infamously known for staining bathtubs, dyeing people’s hairs or skin, among many other problems. Lush itself has stated that their products are not tested in clothes and recommends not doing so.

How do you get the stains out of your bathing suit?

Suppose that you’re here because your new bathing suit is full of stains and you have no idea how to get rid of them. You’re in luck because it’s actually not that difficult and almost entirely the same method as you would remove lotion or sunscreen stains. 

Here are some practical and easy ways to remove stains from bathing suits.

  1. Soap, lemon and salt

Soap, lemon, and salt are almost in any household, and luckily you can get rid of those ugly stains in your bathing suit by using these essential ingredients. 

It is best to use neutral soap, but any other detergent can help.

The first thing you should do is apply neutral soap to the stain directly and let it sit for about 20 minutes. After that, immerse your bathing suit in warm water to avoid rinsing away any of those stains.

Next, add lemon juice and salt to the affected area. Don’t remove any of these ingredients- let them sit for another 20 minutes instead.

Once you’re done applying them, wash your bathing suit and make sure to rub the affected zone. Now let it air dry. 

NOTE: If you want to preserve your bathing suit, don’t let it dry directly under the sunlight. 

  1. White vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner, and this method has been proven by science. Using white vinegar in the water will give you the best results, just put them both together (or use a spray bottle.

It’s highly recommended not to soak your bathing suit in this solution as it may weaken the color, but if there are multiple stains on the bathing suit, doing so may make the process easier. If there’s only one stain, you can use the spray bottle.

Let it soak in the white vinegar and water solution for about half an hour. Once it’s done, drain the water and wash as normal. Your bathing suit will look as good as new.

  1. Baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent cleaner, especially if you hand-wash your bathing suit. 

First, add six tablespoons of baking soda to about ⅓ cup of warm water, and mix it. It’ll create a paste.

Now just to be sure, try to apply very little of that paste in a small area to see that it’s not affecting the bathing suit’s color. If nothing happens, you can go on and apply it to the stained area. 

Let the paste dry for a few minutes, and then wash your bathing suit as normal. Let it air dry.

Tips for preventing stains in the future

You should always protect your bathing suit from stains with common sense. However, if you want to avoid an unpleasant experience and keep the integrity of what’s on underneath intact, then here are some tips: 

The best way to avoid a bath bomb stain is by testing it out before you use the product. This means dripping the bathing suit in the water to test if it leaves stains. If there are any unpleasant stains, even if it’s a little, then we recommend avoiding them altogether. 

If you got some stains and want to wash your bathing suit, try to avoid using bleach. It will stain your bathing suit even more – and in the worst case, the stains will be permanent.

The best thing to do when any piece of clothing has gotten a stain is to act as fast as possible. This way, you will prevent the stain from affecting the fabric permanently.


It is unlikely for your bath bomb to stain your bathing suit. However, it also depends on the fabric and how much colorant the bath bomb contains. If you think the colors in your bath bomb are too strong, the best thing to do is to avoid soaking your bathing suit in such water.

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