Will Bath Bombs Ruin Your Pool?

In the last couple of years, bath bombs have become quite popular. So popular, that some people even tried to use them in a pool. But what they didn’t know was, that using bath bombs in a pool would ruin them. Or would they really?

Bath bombs will definitely ruin your pool. Pools don’t have a filter, motor, circular pump, or jets. Oils and salts may solidify and become clump-like, getting stuck in various parts of the system, as well as the filter.

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I know that at one point or another, we all wondered about this very same thing. But before you go out and purchase them just to see what happens (and potentially end up paying even more due to damage), I highly advise reading my article on why these items are hazardous for pools.

Why Would You Want To Use A Bath Bomb In A Pool?

There is something about bath bombs that makes your skin feel youthful, sinuous, and velvety. However, there are various other reasons why you would want to use them in your pool. 

  1. They are great for your skin

Bath bombs are known for adding softeners and emollients to the water of your bath that indulge and moisturize your skin. It does not matter what kind of skin you have because the ingredients of bath bombs are beneficial and leave your skin silky, soft, and supple. 

Consequently, you would want to use the same bath bomb in your pool and reap its skin-based benefits, while you take a relaxing swim in the summer. 

  1. They create a special atmosphere

If you frequently use bath bombs, then you know that they allow you to create an atmosphere of opulence and luxury. As soon as you drop one in your pool, it will fizz and release a delightful scent. There is no denying that these products are amazing bombs of wonder and can turn any ordinary swim into a joyful and fun experience. 

Rest assured, you will want to subtly transform your bath time into a relaxing day in the pool with a bath bomb. 

Would A Bath Bomb Ruin A Pool?

You love taking baths with your bath bombs so, why cannot you use bath bombs in a pool? For starters, your tub does not come with a filter, motor, circular pump, and jets. Moreover, it easily drains as soon as you pull the plug, allowing the water to take the ingredients away. On the other hand, a pool is different.

When you place a bath bomb in water, it dissolves in water, releasing its ingredients. These can include soaps, salts, as well as oils. However, oils and salts may solidify and become clump-like, getting stuck in various parts of the system, as well as the filter. You may then face performance issues or complete breakdowns. 

These days, several bath bombs also consist of glitter, plastic toys, and flower petals. Such items can prove to be especially bad, given that the larger pieces pose a greater risk of leading to blockage. Furthermore, bath bombs may change the balance of pH, forcing it to go lower or higher. This can cause ineffective sanitizing, along with unnecessary scale build-up. 

Is There A Way To Use Bath Bombs Without Affecting Your Pool?

Simply put, if a bath bomb is not made for your pool, refrain from using it in there. I know this might not be the answer you were looking for, but that’s the one I have. This ultimately entails that you do not use bath salts or bath bombs or take any bubble baths. Instead, there are various alternatives that you can use in your pool. These are usually made by keeping the following things in mind. 

  1. No carrier oils or oils.
  2. A neutral pH level.
  3. No salt.
  4. No materials and debris, such as flower petals. 

How To Clean Your Pool After Using A Bath Bomb

When you take a shower, you use soap and shampoo, which are both cleaning agents. However, these do not keep your tub clean indefinitely. Remember, these materials are supposed to clean you, not porcelain, fiberglass, or tiles. Similarly, bath bombs are meant to be used when you take baths in a tub, not in a pool that has motors and other systems. 

However, if you have experimented with using a bath bomb in your pool, then you may have noticed icky scum of soap and build-up. While this may not be alarming in its initial stages, it may lead to problems in the future. Therefore, you will want to clean your pool right away. 

You may think that the way to do this is to put chemicals, such as bromine and chlorine into your pool and clean the water once and for all. But that will only be a temporary fix. If you want to ensure that the floor, walls, and the overall pool area stay clean, follow the steps below. 

  1. Get equipment for pool cleaning

Before you can start off with cleaning your pool and ridding it of bath bomb residue, you will want to make sure that you possess all the necessary tools needed. The right tool will make the cleaning process easier and smoother. 

Take a look at your tools and thoroughly check them. Can they be used for the work you are about to undertake? Are they in presentable and good shape? See if there is anything missing as well and buy whatever it is that you may need afterward.  

  1. Start off with a telescopic pole

A telescopic pole is often dubbed the Swiss Army Knife of the process of pool cleaning. This is primarily because a number of things can be attached to its ends, such as brushes, skimmer nets, and vacuum heads. 

You will want to get one that is 2 meters in size and can be extended to 3 meters. Attach a vacuum, brush, or leaf net to it and extend it towards the floor and walls to clean them. You can easily get those difficult-to-reach areas this way and give your pool a thorough cleaning. 

These two simple steps can help you clean your pool and get rid of any bath bomb debris. However, the cleaning process can become tedious at times. Thus, you may not want to use bath bombs in your pool and create problems for yourself. Keep the bath bombs where they belong; in the bathtub. 

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