How To Wrap Your Round Soap In 5 Easy Ways

Soaps are a delight to make and quite fun to wrap- but wrapping round soaps can be tricky sometimes, especially if you don’t know how to wrap round soap. But rest assured, we got you covered. Here are four really easy ways to wrap your round soap and even make it look professional.

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To wrap round soap, you must cut out circles of paper that are larger than it. Follow up by placing your soap in the middle and folding an edge upwards, inwards at the top. Make your way around the soap- and you will have a neatly wrapped soap in no time!

It is rewarding to make soap and utterly satisfying when you finally wrap it up. Round soap wrapping, however, may sometimes turn out to be frustrating. But as you read further, you will learn all about it, and by the end of this article, your next wrapping job will be a cakewalk!

How to wrap round soap 

Round soaps are slightly challenging to package. A band label does not work all too well, and tying twine around these soaps may have a disappointing result. One of the easiest ways to wrap round soap is to use paper and ribbon.

  • Here are the materials you will need: 
  • Paper- It can be anything, from tissue paper to parchment paper to coffee filters
  • Self-adhesive ribbons or general ribbons 
  • Tape (If your ribbons do not have adhesive) 
  • Geometric compass or a plate- You can use this to trace the circles 
  • Scissors 
  • Labels 

If you are ready with all the prerequisites, it is time to begin your wrapping spree!

With the following steps below, you’ll able to obtain a clean, neat, and nicely packaged round soap.

Step 1

Cut out circular shapes from the type of paper you have. For ideal results, the circles should be big enough to wrap over the soap without leaving a gaping hole.

If you are unsure of the size you need, measure your soap with a tape measure. Increase the diameter by at least one or two inches- this depends upon the height of your soap too. 

Use a geometric compass or a plate to trace appropriate circular shapes on your paper and cut these out. 

Step 2 

Place your pretty round soap in the middle of a circle of paper. Once you are confident of the alignment, fold one of the edges over the top surface of the soap. You will now need to travel your fingers along the circle, slightly downwards, and then fold it over the top. 

As you make your way around the circle of paper, folding upwards, darts will begin to appear as well.

Step 3 

If you alternate on the sides of your original fold, you will be able to witness the best results. What this means is, once you make the first fold, create two folds on the left side and then two on the right. Continue this until a single, two-sided fold is left in the end.

Step 4 

You have put so much effort into the delicate folds of the wrapping, so you must not risk losing your progress! The folds do not always stay in place- even if you create tight creases. 

Now, a piece of tape or self-adhesive ribbon comes in. You can use either of these options to secure the folds of paper in your soap wrapping.

Step 5 

Once your wrapping of the round soap is secure, you can tie a ribbon or some decorative thread across it. Your package is now ready to display a label proudly! The best way to go about this is to use a round label. Stick it onto the ribbon or on the side you prefer.

 In addition to the label, you can make your wrapping unique by adding stickers, seals, dry flowers, or other accessories! 

How do you shrink wrap round soap?

Are you looking to add a professional streak to your soap packaging? Shrink-wrapping your soap is the best way to achieve this!

You need to invest in shrink wrap bands or bags and a heat gun. A hairdryer will work just as well, though it may not provide a smooth and clean finish. 75 gauge PVC is the best variant. If you want to experience the scent, go for a polyolefin film. 

Generally, you will find shrink-wraps in rectangular, square, or even open shapes. You need to measure your round soap and cut out circular packaging.

Place your soap into a shrink-wrap band or covering. You must be confident that your soap is in the middle of the wrapping.  

Once you secure the wrapping around your soap, use a heat gun or hair dryer to shrink the wrapping. Make your way around the entirety of the circumference, heating an inch or two at a time.

Apply the heat uniformly on all sides of your round, impressive soap. If your shrink wrap has too uneven a finish, rub it against a flat surface and apply more heat. 

Once you feel satisfied, you can add a label, and you will be good to go!

What are alternative ways you can wrap your round soap? 

You may feel that wrapping your round soap in paper or using shrink-wrap may not be your path to take. If this is the case, you will be glad to know that many alternatives are present too. You can use any method you like to wrap your round soap. Take a look below and decide!

Custom boxes 

If you are planning on selling your soap, using custom boxes may be the best option for you. Many companies create and sell custom boxes for soaps and other items. You can contact such a company and specify the dimensions you require. They will be more than happy to assist! Such boxes look professional and unquestionably neat.  

Often, the boxes that you obtain through such custom orders will also have labels or prints on them. While this may be an expensive method of packaging, it boasts of a unique finesse!

Muffin cases

I think that muffin cases can actually be a game-changer; together with velcro (the end cap of a piece of PVC pipe), wrapping your soaps can be done really, really fast, but above all, extremely easy.

Here is the Video:

Attractive scrubbie bags 

Did you know that wrapping your round soap is not the only way to package it? You can employ special bags to put your round soaps into- for an unforgettable presentation. The best type of bags for this is mesh or “scrubbie” bags.

You can use the soap while it is inside this bag too! A drawback of such “scrubbie” bags is that you will not be able to display the patterns, shapes, or colors of your soap. Most scrubbie bags are opaque.

Alternatively, you can also use a translucent and attractive fabric organza pouch. Such bags are incredibly fancy and do not cost too much either. 


You may create a beautiful, charming round soap- but you are still a step away from perfection without ideal wrapping! While it is always engaging and relaxing to wrap soaps, round or disc-shaped soaps may be tricky to tackle. The easiest way to wrap such soaps is to cut out circles of paper and fold them to pack. 

You can also opt for shrink wrapping. You can find the necessary materials for it at any major craft store. If you want to do something different, you can use decorative bags or custom boxes too! 

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