How To Split Or Cut Lush Bombs? (The easy and the safe method).

Bath bombs are luxurious and fun; however, they are also costly. Splitting up your bath bomb in half can save you a lot of money. The best thing is that it’s a straightforward process. You only need a hammer and a screwdriver.

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How to Cut Lush Bombs? (the easy way)

Cutting or splitting up lush bombs is not a big deal with the help of some essential tools, you’ll be able to split them without ending up with crumbles.  

Here is how it’s done:

Take a knife (it doesn’t have to be a sharp one), put it in the middle of the lush bath bomb, and use any tool that is a little heavy, which you can use to hit on the other side of the knife. Hit it one time, and your lush bath bomb should be cut.

Here is a video that is well-illustrated and straightforward: (go to 1:07 if you wish to skip the start)

If you are willing to enjoy bath bombs without burning a hole in your pocket, then know the perfect way to cut and store your bath bombs. So after cutting, you will also need a safe place to store them so they won’t get damaged. 

Why Would You Want to Cut Lush Bath Bombs?

Well, let’s start with the obvious first. Lush bath bombs can be quite expensive, they can be a great addition to your bathing time, once you understand the extraordinary experience it provides. However, you may end up spending half your salary every month if you wish to enjoy bath bombs every day

This is why you need a solution that gives you the chance to enjoy bath bombs and not bomb your bank account completely.

The best and cheapest solution to this is to cut your bath bombs into halves or even thirds according to your own convenience. 

Lush bath bombs are gorgeous and will give you an out of the world feeling. This may stop you from cutting them, but this should not be something you should worry about. They won’t get damaged.

With the right technique, you will be able to cut your bath bombs into different pieces. So, this means that you can double or triple the number of uses of a single bath bomb. The best part? There will be no change in the experience. You will feel the same, even with a small piece of the bath bomb. However, this is not the same as other bath bombs. Suppose you are buying cheap ones, they should not be cut. Unfortunately, you have to use those all at once. But this is not the case with lush bath bombs. You can cut lush bath bombs without worrying that they will crumble or get damaged in the process.

Let’s say you failed to cut them, and you ended up with crumbles…You can still use the broken parts and even store some of them for later use.

What Do You Need to Cut Lush Bath Bombs? (the safer way)

Cutting lush bath bombs needs not much of a technique nor any special equipment. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting it with a knife, there are many other tools to use. Some people just don’t feel comfortable using a knife. I understand that. There is a chance that you may damage the product or even cut yourself in the process.  

Here is another “safer” way to do it:

You will need only two things in this process – a hammer and a screwdriver with a flat head and finally a Ziploc bag to store the bombs.

You have to remember that the bath bombs are very delicate, so you cannot exert too much pressure on them. Also, keep a flat space ready where you can place the bombs and cut them. Make sure that the space is not wet, or the bath bombs will start dissolving.

You will need not one but many Ziploc bags if you wish to keep the lush bombs safely stored. Moreover, you will also need to take a big plastic container to place the Ziploc bags and keep them locked away. These are all the things that you need to cut the bath bombs.

The best thing about this is that you will have most of these tools at home, so you do not need to spend much. If you do not have Ziploc bags, that is all you will need to buy, and they do not cost much.

How to Cut Lush Bath Bombs? (the safer way)

Firstly, you should make sure you have all the necessary things assembled near you. First, you will have to put one bath bomb in a Ziploc bag. 

While putting the bath bomb inside the bag, be very careful so that it does not break. This is more for those who made their own bath bomb and had a very dry product at the end, which is prone to break easily. Place the bath bombs in the Ziploc bag corner.

You will have to keep the seam of the bath bomb upwards facing. If the bath bomb you have bought does not have a seam, then the cutting process will become much harder. 

The (flat) surface you have decided for cutting should be dry. If there is water, then your bag might slip while cutting, and you may end up cutting yourself.

In case you are using a cutting board, then make sure it does not slip. If it is slipping, then place it above a damp towel to stop it from moving. 

Take the screwdriver (flat-head) and place it in the seam. You should be very cautious while ensuring that the bath bomb does not move from its position or the screwdriver will slip.

If you have someone at home, then tell them to hold it in place. For cutting a fat bath bomb, you can cut it using a knife without any hassle. If the bath bomb has no seam, you will have to break it with a hammer and store the pieces in different bags.

In case your bath bomb has a seam, you need to place hold the screwdriver handle and force it in the seam. Keep tapping the screwdriver slowly so that the bomb breaks off in half.

What to Do with the Other Half?

When you have broken the bath bomb into two halves, one can be used for your bath, and the second half should be stored. I strongly recommend removing the air entirely from the Ziploc bag and then put the half into the bag. This will help to preserve them for much longer. Tie a knot right above the half bath bomb and then cut the excess portion using scissors.

If there are more halves, then store them the same way into different Ziploc bags. Do not attempt to keep more than one half into one bag. 

They may break while bumping into each other. Other than this, you will have to open and then again reseal the Ziploc bag if you are using one half.

Keep all the bags in an air-tight plastic container or even a jar that has a tight lid. The container should be spacious enough to store all the bags properly. 

Keep the container in an area that is away from moisture, light, and heat. This will increase the bath bombs’ longevity so that they do not get spoiled before you use them.

To Sum Up

The luxury of using different fragrant bath bombs have always been in top priority. There have been various new introduce as well as revised versions of these bath bombs. 

It is quite interesting to know that you can make use of your bath bombs effectively. So, follow these easy tips while you cut the ultra-luxury bath bombs and use them for a little longer!

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