How To Make Soap Balls

Soap balls are unique and nifty gifts and also add a fresh flair to your bathroom. If these fun creations pique your curiosity, I have some good news. You can make them yourself, and you’ll be able to do it effortlessly. 

You can make soap balls by using old soap scraps or bars of plain soap. You then need to grate them into flakes or crush them, soften the soap to make a paste, and mold it into balls. You can add a personal touch by infusing scents and colors into the soap balls. 

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Do you want to utilize old soap scraps productively? Perhaps you want to spruce things up in your bathroom with a fun touch. Soap balls are the perfect little project!

Why should you make soap balls? 

Outside of the fact that soap balls are incredibly trendy. There are more than a handful of reasons why you should begin preparing your very own soap balls.

Soap balls are an excellent way for recycling old soap- perhaps scraps or scentless, plain bars you have never used. They ensure that nothing goes to waste! It makes them economical. 

In addition to this, soap balls allow you to be creative. You can personalize them to whatever extent you wish! If you are looking for a fun and constructive project for children, making soap balls is the ideal candidate. 

Soap balls can also be a charming personal gift. If you make your own soap balls, you can surprise and curate them to your friends’ and family’s tastes. 

Lastly, making soap balls is a relaxing and satisfying activity you will certainly enjoy. 

What do you need to make soap balls? 

As the process is simple, so are the components to make soap balls. Here is a list of all the items you will need to create and customize soap balls: 

Just a quick note, you can either make it with scraps or with bars. You do not need both of them. Also, you don’t need to have food coloring or any type of coloring. Nor any herbs. The list above is to make one that looks a little “professional,” but for your first try, you can really go basic, and you can do it without the extras. 

How to make soap balls 

Once you have the ingredients for making soap balls, you can put on your craft apron and set to work! Follow the steps below to produce your very own, endearing soap balls. 

Step 1 

The first step is to grate bars of soap and obtain a cup full of flakes of soap. Ideally, use non-scented, bland soap for this purpose. It is because “beauty bars” and other such soaps can hinder your ball’s formation or affect the scent. They also come packed with chemicals that may not always provide adequate safe room for customization. 

Step 2 

Once you have your cup full of soap flakes, begin softening it. Fill half a measuring cup with the grated soap. Pour in some plain water to fill the measuring cup. Let this half-and-half mixture sit for a couple of hours so that it turns into a soft paste. 

Step 3 

Check back after a few hours to see if the soap and water have mixed in with each other. Use a spoon to churn the mixture into a thick paste. Add more soap if it is too watery- and more water if it is too stiff. 

Step 4 

Do you feel slightly impatient? If you want to hasten the pace, you can place the measuring cup inside a pot with water and heat it. 

NOTE: Remember- you must not heat the soap directly!

Step 5 

Once you have turned all of your soap flakes into a thick paste, mold it into spheres. You have complete freedom to decide the size. You will need to squeeze the paste while shaping it to keep the soap in place. Keep molding and shaping until the ball begins to harden in your hands. 

Step 6 

When you are happy with the shape of your soap balls, allow them to solidify. Store them in a cool, dry place for about a week before using them. 

How to make soap balls from scraps 

I think most people would make or at least think about making soap balls because of the leftover soap they have lying around for ages. We briefly touched on this earlier, but here is how you can use scraps to make soap balls. 

You need to collect all your soap scraps and amass at least a cup of them. Grate them into flakes or crush them into small pieces. 

You can also pass them through a food processor. Make sure the food processor is clean and free from anything that could potentially contaminate your soap mixture. 

Mix water into the soap scraps, let the solution sit, and obtain your paste. Based on the section above, you know what to do next! The process is right at your fingertips. 

If you have any concerns regarding the commercial or deodorized nature of any of the scraps- you can put them to rest. While it is not ideal to use a full bar of commercial or deodorized soap to make soap balls, a few scraps will not harm your final product. 

How do you customize your soap balls?

Ah, here comes to the fun part. Once you feel comfortable making soap balls, you can let your imagination run wild and personalize them to any length! 

You can add your preferred touch in terms of scent, shade, appearance, and more. You can also add botanical additives. 

If you want to customize your soap balls’ scent, you can stir in some teaspoons of perfume oil in the mixture. Perfume oils are available in a wide assortment of aromas. You will most likely find the one you desire. Bear in mind- do not use cologne since it contains alcohol that is not skin-friendly. 

To give the soap balls the color of your wish, you can either opt for a base colored soap or add food coloring. If you can avoid food coloring, I would advise doing so. It may not have the ideal effect you’re looking for. However, if you want to test it and have nothing else, you can mix it in the paste drop by drop until you obtain the share you seek. 

Are you looking for a more creative way to customize your soap balls? You can add dried herbs too! Mint and lavender are excellent options. They can add a nice gradient to your soap balls while also making them pleasant to smell. Just don’t forget that fresh ingredients tend to go rancid after a while, or worse, you could have mold on your soap, so make sure to keep an eye on it.

You can open tea bags and use the contents for tea-scented soap balls too. Stir the dried herbs in the paste and shape your soap balls typically. 

When you use such ingredients to customize your soap balls, keep in mind to utilize only fully-dried herbs. Do not use more than a few tablespoons. Too much can affect the shape and scent of your soap balls. 


If you are fond of exciting projects or DIY activities, making soap balls will be incredibly enjoyable for you. Soap balls are an ideal way to recycle old soap, create unique gifts, or decorate your bathroom. Soap balls are impressively versatile- so you can customize them in any way you can imagine! 

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