How To Make A Thick And Creamy Body Cream

Most beauty products on the market are filled with chemicals that do more harm than any good. A beauty regime detox is an ideal solution that makes use of thickened DIY body creams. However, making one that is thick enough can sometimes be not such an easy task.

To make thick and creamy body lotion, you can use thickening agents such as Sodium Borate, Beeswax, Xanthan Gum. A small amount should be used, and if you need it to be thicker, you can simply add a small amount until you reach the right consistency. 

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We all want to have the ideal cream that is specifically good for our skin. And the only way to ensure that is by taking matters into your own hands. To make DIY body creams, you need emulsifiers, oil-based and water-based ingredients, and the right recipe. 

Having the right recipe might be the most crucial part of the DIY body cream process. It is also the best part because it’s personalized to your exact needs and skin type.

In this article, we will answer all your queries about the right consistency of creams. Keep reading to get the best-customized body cream recipes and save on expensive store-bought products simultaneously. 

Why Does Your Body Cream need To Be Thick And Creamy?

The body cream has many benefits for the maintenance of health, beauty, and well-being. A thicker cream brings out the best of these benefits by amplifying them. Depending on your skin type, a thick and creamy body cream can give you shine and suppleness.

For those with extremely dry skin, thick cream helps to retain moisture. It preserves the health of your skin by protecting it from external drying factors. Those living in dry areas can make the most of thick, hydrating body creams. 

If you have rough patches on your skin or skin disease, thick body cream can even be medicinal. It penetrates better than runny cream, and the non-greasy formulas even prevent oiliness.

How Do You Make Creamy Lotion?

To make a thick and creamy lotion, you need to use the right ingredients in the right amounts. In short, it is not any different from making any body lotion. It just needs to be thicker.

I have provided a basic recipe that you can follow and add to for a customized product. 

You can begin by picking out the main water-based and oil-based ingredients to combine. Your choice of ingredients will depend on which ones are suitable for your skin type. 

The reason for me to say this is because certain store-bought body creams might cause allergic reactions; one or two ingredients usually cause this. And by making one yourself, you can avoid this problem entirely.

For your water-based ingredients, you can pick from the following list:

For your oil-based ingredients, you can pick out one of these:

The best combination of ingredients can be attained by following these steps:

  1. Take 3/4th cups of water-based ingredients. You can use multiple options from those listed.
  2. Take 3/4th cups of oil-based ingredients. 
  3. The total amount of oil-based ingredients should include 1/4th cup butter of some kind.
  4. The total amount of oil-based ingredients should include ½ ounce of beeswax
  5. Use a double boiler or bain-marie for melting the oils. Add the solid oils like beeswax and butter first. Then combine all the oil-based ingredients. 
  6. Let the oils cool down and reach room temperature. 
  7. Use a blender to combine the oil and water ingredients together. Pour the water-based ingredients in slowly. 
  8. Blend until all the water-based ingredients are combined. Continue blending until a cream is formed.
  9. Add five drops of any essential oil for health benefits and aroma. Whisk the cream for even distribution. 

With this, your DIY cream will be fully prepared, and you can store it in sterilized jars. By labeling the jars, you can make a variety of different scented creams that are fully natural! 

What Makes A Body Cream Thick And Creamy?

The three main ingredients in any cream are water, oil, and an emulsifier. The emulsifier serves the purpose of combining oil and water ingredients. It is effective because it creates a homogenous and evenly distributed mixture. Scientifically speaking, the water and oil molecules become combined together.  

The oil part of the body cream is what adds creaminess to the mixture. The emulsifier thickens the entire cream for easy application on your skin.

How Can I Thicken My Body Cream?

In case you feel your store-bought or DIY body cream isn’t thick enough, there are a few ways to increase viscosity. The following thickening agents are an excellent way to add thickness to your lotion.

Sodium Borate

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Contrary to popular belief, borax or sodium borate is not a chemical product. Instead, it is a natural ingredient and frequently used in beauty items. It is a completely safe ingredient for thickening your lotion. 

While adding sodium borate to your lotion, be sure only to add a pinch of it. Additionally, it would be best you use protective gloves when handling the raw powder, as it may irritate your skin.


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Burt's Bees 100% Natural Origin Moisturizing Lip Balm, Multipack, Original Beeswax, Strawberry, Coconut & Pear and Vanilla Bean with Beeswax & Fruit Extracts, 4 Tubes

Beeswax is probably the best-known organic ingredient in the beauty world. It’s used across the board in DIY and store-bought cosmetic. For thickening your lotions, beeswax is an ideal ingredient to attain optimum levels of consistency. One of its beneficial properties is that it encourages greater retention of moisture by your skin. 

In case adding beeswax doesn’t thicken your lotion enough, a little bit of sodium borate can help.

Xanthan Gum

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Xanthan gum is an ingredient made from fermented corn sugar or corn starch. The kind of bacteria created during the fermentation is known as Xanthomonas campestris. They’ve named it after the bacteria; however, there is nothing to worry about because none is left once it’s heated. 

Xanthan gum is entirely safe for use in cosmetics and even for consumable products. 

In case your lotion is runny and you desire greater thickness, this is an excellent choice for thickening. Add just a pinch of this ingredient since a little one can go a long way. In case the runny texture persists, slowly add more for better results. 


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Wool wax or lanolin is made from the oily coating found on sheep wool. It is an ancient ingredient that is known for its moisturizing abilities. If your lotion is runny, add ½ tablespoon of wool wax to the mixture. You will have to reheat the cream and then let it cool for the consistency to thicken.

Keep in mind that this ingredient is not suitable for those with wool allergies. 

Why Your Body Cream Might Not Be Thick And Creamy

An emulsifier is responsible for thickening the body cream. As a result, not using an emulsifier or too little of it will not make your cream thick enough. The oil and water won’t hold together and separate in such cases. 

To ensure the creaminess of your body cream, check how many emulsifiers you are using. Additionally, make sure the emulsifier is a potent and suitable one for DIY cream. 


Making your own thick and creamy lotions is a great way to save money and keep your skin healthy. Not only will your skin glow, but you can turn it into a fun DIY session and customize the recipe! 

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