How to Label Bath Bombs the Proper Way?

Good labeling is as important as making the perfect bath bombs. If you fail at it, it won’t matter how good your product is; they’ll never get the attention they deserve. So to run a successful company, properly labeling your bath bombs should be a primary focus. 

Labeling bath bombs can be done by using a sticker label on the plastic wrap. Or by wrapping the paper label around the bath bombs directly and wrapping them afterward. Another alternative to labeling is to package bath bombs inside a straightforward or decorated box.

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The first thing that the customer sees is the brand and design of your bath bombs. This is how you get their attention, and once you have that, only then will you be able to sell it to them.

Later on, that same customer will remember a well-designed labeled product and maybe even suggest it to others. You only need to get through this process once, and the moment you have your design and equipment, you are good to go. 

In this article, we will try going over the essential things to label in detail. 

We will also suggest some innovative packaging and labeling ideas to enhance your products’ presentation, which will eventually increase the chances of selling your bath bombs. 

What’s Important When Labeling Your Bath Bombs?

Proper labeling serves two purposes. The first is to meet the industry standards, and the second is to sell your bath bombs. 

However, I should also mention that labeling your products is by law an obligation in currently 31 states. The purpose is to be able to inform the consumer of the hidden contents of your products. This is also true for homemade products. That is why the first purpose of labeling requires you to follow certain criteria. When you label, you should keep the following factors in mind:

The proper way of labeling your bath bombs

  • You should add the product name on the label. Explain what the product is by using a recognized product name. In this case, bath bombs, if that is how you have registered the product for sale.
  • Always add the company name to the label, so customers know the manufacturer.
  • You will have to list ingredients as per the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). The names on the INCI might be unfamiliar since they are scientific names and not layman’s terms. Do not use terms like ‘coconut oil’ or ‘lavender oil’ since these are not formally listed in the INCI. 
  • List the ingredients of the product in the order of their weight. The order should be descending from the greatest amount to the least. Ensure consistency by using the percentage of the ingredient in the product. 
  • If you have used colorants, Mica, you need to list them using their Cosmetic Ingredient number. Since colorant Micas from different sources have different ingredients, list them accordingly. 
  • Irrespective of the amount of Mica you use, it is general practice to keep it lower on the list. Mica is usually labeled after perfume and other such ingredients. 
  • Be sure to list the allergens on the ingredients label after colorants. Allergens should be near the bottom of the list, given that they are usually present in small quantities.
  • Some like to use bold fonts for labeling allergens since this can help warn customers. However, it is not a legal necessity. 
  • After ingredients are labeled, always add an instructions panel for users. Make sure directions are easy to understand and meant to enhance the user’s experience. 
  • Include crucial information like the batch number of that specific product. 
  • You compulsorily must add expiry dates on the label. There may be different requirements for this, depending on how you have registered. For example, some products need to include the PAO (period after opening), and so on. 
  • Add warnings if you use certain reactive ingredients. If some items can cause skin irritation, be kept away from eyes, etc., you have to mention it here. 
  • Mention the contact details of the manufacturer. This includes your address, as well as your phone number. Postal code and your building number are enough for this purpose. 

Some of these are mandatorily and must be included, while others are considered essential parts of labeling. However, I would strongly suggest adding all that is mentioned above if applicable. The more information you add, the more the consumer will trust your product. You can also add a label for customer advice.

This is not necessary information; however, it is helpful and encouraged. This includes a few tips and precautions. For example, you can add whether this bath bomb makes the bathtub oily or causes coloration. 

How Do You Label Your Bath Bombs?

Well, as you probably have noticed, there is more to it than just mentioning the ingredients. But there is also the part of how you label exactly what materials you should use or how you should use them. 

A simple and very common method is to wrap the bath bombs in multiple layers of shrink wrap of plastic wrap. Add the sticker directly onto this covering. You can then store multiple such bath bombs in a single gift box.

As for the label itself, you can either make them yourself or hire a professional designer to make them for you. Print these out and use a durable adhesive to stick them on. Ensure that the label for the product is the correct one. This is crucial since many customers buy based on the bath bomb’s fragrance name. 

How to Make Your Own Labels?

To make your own labels, you can use online editing tools. Most are easy to use these days and either free or relatively cheap. If you can’t afford a graphic designer, make a simple design yourself. In most cases, this should be enough unless you are really terrible at it. However, keep in mind that you should be careful with using copyrighted images from Google.

The informative parts of your label should be printed in a clear font. The fancier portions can be printed out to save time or use calligraphy to finish touches.

What Are Other Alternatives to Label Your Bath Bombs?

Instead of directly labeling your bath bombs, you can also put a label under each product in the box. This way, every time a bath bomb is removed from the box, customers will see which product they took out. 

A clear bag is another way to package your bath bombs. 

For this, you can add a tag by tying it around the neck of the clear bag. The tag will include the information that would traditionally go on a label.

Another alternative to labeling is to package bath bombs inside a straightforward or decorated box. 

You can add any type of stickers or labels to the box afterward. The box can be used for marketing since customers are more likely to buy a colorful and packaged item. 

You can use this kind of alternate labeling to display your product at the store, online, at events, or in sales. 


To know the right way to label bath bombs is an indispensable part of a successful bath products business. It will help you establish your company as a professional player in the industry and accordingly attract customers. While labeling can seem tough at first, you will eventually have a template ready that is suitable for every product. 

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