How To Eco-Friendly Wrap Bath Bombs?

With the increase in awareness of the environment, businesses of all sizes have turned to eco-friendly packaging options. For more delicate products, like bath bombs, packaging solutions need to be creative. Here is how to get the best eco-friendly bath bomb packaging!

Eco-friendly packing for bath bombs requires polyolefin film to shrink-wrap them and then place them in Kraft paper boxes. The Kraft Boxes can be customized to show the brand logo and other designs. To protect the bath bomb inside, you can use materials such as wood shavings, newspaper shreds. Paper labels are a popular alternative to plastic, stick-on labels.  

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There’s more to eco-friendly packaging bath bombs than just wrapping some of them in tissue and calling it a day. Being eco-friendly means contributing directly to green living and preventing contributions to air, water, and land pollution. If this does not convince you yet, think about how it would benefit your business image.

Why Should You Wrap Eco Friendly?

We already briefly mentioned two reasons above, but I don’t think eco-friendly should require a reason, in all honesty. However, if you are searching for one, here are a couple of reasons why eco-friendly packaging can be more than just saving the world. 

Improve Brand Image 

It is no secret that being environmentally friendly improves your brand image. More and more consumers are more aware of what they are buying and how they are directly or indirectly are contributing to any impact on the environment.

This is also why they are starting to appreciate companies that try to be sustainable. By using sustainable packaging, you’re presenting your company as responsible and trustworthy!

Increasing Value 

Eco-friendly bath bomb packaging can significantly increase the value of the product itself. Sustainable packaging is usually more intimate and carefully chosen. It is customized and seems more personal to a consumer than mass plastic packaging. 

Creative designs, custom prints, and ingenuity will have consumers perceiving the products as more valued. It is very easy to make eco-friendly packaging look beautiful, and customers are likely to appreciate the added effort of making the product look stunning. And this will finally translate to customers paying more for your products.

What Can You Use To Wrap Eco-Friendly Your Handmade bath bomb?

Identity branding mockup set. eco concept

Eco-friendly packaging is flexible. You can use various items for packaging your bath bombs and handmake soaps that will look nice and provide that personal touch. If you would search online for some ideas on how to do it, you’d be very surprised at how creative some people are with their packaging. 

Polyolefin Film

Knox Brand - 8" 75 Gauge Polyolefin Shrink Film Heat Wrap POF Centerfold 525' feet

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Polyolefin film is a popular choice to wrap bath bombs. Polyolefin is a type of polymer, but unlike other chemical by-products like plastic, it is biodegradable. This makes it an excellent choice for bath bomb packaging.

The film can be both edible and non-edible, but that’s not the best part about it. Unlike plastic packaging, polyolefin film does not have any chlorine, so it releases much fewer odors, has a stronger seal, and thus is more flexible than your average packing material. 

The film is generally shrunk onto the bath bomb to protect it from being damaged. Shrinkwrapping requires heat and a slight amount of practice but has great long term results. Your bath bombs will be safer and can be unpacked with less of a smell. 

Kraft Paper

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Kraft paper is yet another popular packaging material. Kraft paper comes in a natural brown that is great for a more earthy aesthetic. To be honest, aesthetically, this is one of my favorites out there. The packaging itself is very flexible and can be used to make various sturdy boxes customized.

Kraft paper packaging is great for customization as well. The paper packaging holds ink well and looks great as a finished product.

Paper Labels 

Avery 6113 All-Purpose Labels, 1 x 2.75 Inches, White, Pack of 128

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I have put paper labels on this list. This is because I think they are a much better option compared to what’s generally used today. Paper labels are also a great way to get rid of pesky plastic labels. They are more environmentally friendly and are easy to recycle! 

Wood Shavings 

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Wood shavings are a great replacement for plastic packaging pellets. They are easy to acquire, and they add an aesthetic touch that most of your customers will enjoy. Along the same lines, shredded newspapers, tissue, and magazines also serve as packaging material! So don’t throw away your old newspapers yet!

Using sustainable packaging doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics, but rather improving on it. When you put shrink-wrapped bath bombs into cute Kraft boxes with paper labels and wood shavings, you’re bound to have your customers coming back from more. 

Is It Expensive To Wrap Eco Friendly?

However, this is also, at the same time, the biggest misconception out there. It turns people away from sustainable packaging material, while, in reality, it is not that super expensive. Eco-friendly packaging is just slightly more costly than regular plastic packaging. 

Plastic packaging is mass-produced and used by almost every industry in the world. So, it is only logical that the prices will be lower than a new type of packaging. Even though plastic packaging is much less expensive, it is, as we all know, disastrous in the long run. 

We’re not just talking about its repercussions on our environment, but even on your business. Eco-friendly packaging is being adopted more regularly because it is good for brand image and because you invest in the long-term, that will pay off massively.

This means that even though it may cost a little more to package your bath bombs, your products have more value, and therefore you can charge more for each product. So, you are not losing any money in the end; you might even earn more due to your products have more value. 

Where Can You Buy An Eco-Friendly Wrap For Your Bath Bombs?

Eco-friendly packaging hasn’t become mainstream just yet, because of which it can be difficult to find the right kind of eco-friendly packaging for bath bombs. But no fear, there is a solution to this problem. 

Packaging Companies 

While it isn’t mainstream just yet, more and more companies provide eco-friendly packaging solutions for every kind of business. There might not be tons of options to choose from, but a little research can find you some incredible companies.

Companies like these can source and customize packaging for you, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

They will consider the delicate nature of a bath bomb and create the ideal packaging. A packaging company is more likely to know the best materials and ideal places to source the packaging materials.

Handing the reins over to an expert can reduce the stress. This will be a great option if you need a large amount of packaging material. You could buy them in bulk, which will also push the costs down. 

Online Stores 

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If handing over the reins isn’t for you, then packaging materials can easily be found in online stores. Polyolefin film and Kraft paper can be bought in many online stores, so no problem there. It is just a matter of practice to learn how to make it work! 


Materials like wood shavings and newspaper shreds can be sourced locally. You can buy wood shavings online, but you might even get a better price from most factories or wood shops who are willing to sell you scraps. ! 

Can You Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Bath Bomb Wrap?

It is 100% possible to make your own eco-friendly bath bomb wrap. You can outsource all the materials online, and with a little creativity, you can create your own labels and designs at home.

The only thing that may happen is when you’re experimenting with materials or with materials you never worked with before, you might need some time to learn how to.

For example, using tissues to package bath bombs won’t work in humid environments. So, while you can create your bath bomb packaging, it might take some trial and error!

Final words

Eco friendly is definitely the way to go, it might cost you a little upfront, but eventually, you’ll have more value, which translates to better sales and higher sales. For materials, you can outsource everything or buy your materials online and do it yourself.

Depending on your business’s size, I would suggest to have a trial run and see how your customers react. This way, you can scale if switching to eco-friendly packaging brings better results.

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