How to Dry Bath Bombs In The Oven?

There are many ways in which you can dry bath bombs. Some of them can save you a lot of time, and others take longer. Drying your bath bombs in the oven is probably one of the best ways to save time. However, this may seem like a complicated process for many people, but it’s actually really easy.

You dry your bath bombs in the oven by preheating your oven to 170° and then turn it off. You then place the bath bombs in the oven and leave them there for at least 45 minutes without opening the oven door. The longer you leave them inside, the firmer they will be.

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For most of us, drying bath bombs is something that we don’t put much thought into. We mostly use the most common and effective way to dry bath bombs, which is Air-drying. It is an easy and reliable method. However, this method has a big drawback. It takes a lot of time. Luckily there are some other ways that are much shorter and do not require any major change on your part.

How Do You Dry Bath Bombs?

Usually, once you’ve finished your batch, you’d leave them in the mold till the next day. On average, it takes 24 hours for your bath bomb to dry completely. However, when you’re making several batches that need to be ready ASAP, this method may become a bit more complicated, especially if you wish to sell or ship them away.

Drying your bath bombs in the oven will have your bath bombs dry and ready in as little as an hour—this method ideal for drying multiple bath bombs if you need them to be shipped the same day. 

If you plan on using the oven drying method, make sure that you add the right amount of citric acid and baking soda to your recipe. If your recipe is not well balanced, the bath bombs may not come out of the mold well before placing them in the oven.

You only need to preheat the oven to 170° and turn it off. Place the bombs in a muffin tray and place them in the oven and close it. Leave for a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of four hours, and that’s it. Your bath bombs should be ready.

To accelerate the waiting time, even more, most people use kaolin clay and add it to their mixture. They do this because the addition of kaolin clay keeps your product sturdy and intact and will prevent crumbly bath bombs when drying. 

The main question you probably are asking right now is, of course, why would I want to use one technique over the other? Why is drying bath bombs in the oven a better option? 

Why Would You Want to Oven Dry Your Bath Bombs?

Drying your bath bombs in an oven is one of the quickest but also one of the most cost-effective options out there. If you have a business and need to ship out multiple bath bombs the same day, oven-drying gets the job done. 

In fact, many successful bath bomb makers invest in a larger oven for this very reason.

One of the good things about using the oven technique is when these bombs emerge from the oven, they often have a self-protective shell around them that keeps them nicely together. This “shell” will even make a clicking sound showing that they are secure and well-packed. 

Do note that the longer you leave the bath bomb in the oven, the better they will feel. Further, combining the kaolin clay ingredient and the oven drying technique can make the process even better. Your bath bombs will get even firmer and harder.

Note: It is crucial for you not to take them out before at least one hour has passed unless it is an emergency.

What are the Pros and Cons of Drying Bath Bombs in the Oven?

Yes, bath bombs do dry very well in the oven. However, the method has pros but also cons. If you have decided on drying your bath bombs in the oven, here is what you should before starting. 

Pros of Drying Bath Bombs in the Oven

Just like with everything, as there are several pros of drying bath bombs in an oven, there are also cons. 

Lets first start with the pros:


Although it is entirely free to air dry them, the oven method is still a very cheap solution for faster drying when needed. Since you only require to preheat the oven. 

This means that the oven will not have to run when you place bath bombs. Whether you dry it for an hour or four hours, you will still be spending only so much on electricity. 

This obviously saves up on costs.

Further, if you have a bath bomb business, you will be able to finish making your bath bombs quicker. This also means you can deliver equally as quickly. This way, there are no delayed delivery costs. 


Drying bath bombs in the oven is as easy as the air dry method. You can simply leave them in the oven and go about completing other activities. There is also no risk in any temperature changes that might affect drying times. 

If you forget your bath bombs in the oven, here is no cause for concern, your bath bombs will only set better the longer you leave them. This would be, of course, if you did not forget switching it off.  

Cons of Drying Bath Bombs in the Oven

Removing the Mold from the Oven

Bath bombs find their shape in molds. These are usually clamshell molds. When you air dry them, you can leave them in their molds. However, when you place them in the oven, you’ll first remove them from the mold and put them in the oven rack.

This is where this technique might scare most people. It can be a complicated process as the bombs may crumble when removed from the mold too fast. However, if you got your recipe just right, you shouldn’t have any crumbing bombs. 

May Not Be Feasible for Large Businesses

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We mentioned that if you have a business using an oven is ideal. This was more focused on companies that are selling to a small audience.

However, as your business begins to scale, the oven can become a limited option if there is a much larger order.

You’d need to buy new or more ovens, and this then begins to be not only expensive but also you’d start struggling with the lack of space. 

What to Avoid When Drying Bath Bombs in the Oven?

Ensure that your bombs do not have too much moisture. They may burst in the oven. You also want to ensure that you avoid any excess dryness. This will make them crumble. 

It is actually precisely the same when drying in the open air. You cannot have too much moisture, nor can they be too dry. 

You may also want to remove the mold from the clamshell and place it on an oven-friendly surface before you let them dry in an oven. 

Make sure at all costs that the oven is turned off as they dry. This prevents the heat from tampering with the essential oils in the bath bomb.


Oven drying is a great option to make get your bath bombs dry, firm, and ready in as little as one hour. If you need a larger batch of bath bombs, a combination of oven drying and air drying may be the best option for you.

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