How long does solid shampoo last?

One of the most common questions asked among new solid shampoo users is how long a solid shampoo lasts and how they can make it last longer. And if you are one of them, your search will finally end here. 

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A normal-sized shampoo solid shampoo bar gives up to 80 washes, which is nearly equal to three 250 ml shampoo bottles. This amount may vary depending on factors such as the number of people using it, the number of times you use it with each wash, the size and nature of your hair, and finally, how you store it.

Like any product we use, whether solid or liquid, keeping it in excellent condition will have a huge impact on its shelf-life and usage. Solid shampoo is no different, store it incorrectly, and you’ll shorten its shelf-life dramatically.

How long does solid shampoo last?

Numerous attributes will give life to your solid shampoo. The most significant ones are quantity and quality.

The weight determines the shelf life:

Shampoo bars come in various sizes and weight ranging from 25 grams to 100 grams. The average solid shampoo bar weighs somewhere between 55 grams and 70 grams. 

It is hard to determine how long a compact shampoo bar survives and stays in use. Different variable elements add to the reasons such as:

  • The number of people using a single shampoo bar.
  • The number of times you use it to wash your hair.
  • The size and nature of your hair.

Consequently, a shampoo’s life is measured by the recurrent hair wash. However, you can expect your shampoo bar to last for an average period of 3 to 6 weeks. Furthermore, a comparison with liquid shampoo clarifies what suits you best and goes well with your hair.

  • The best comparison lies between a 25-gram solid shampoo and a 200ml liquid shampoo. Easy to carry, convenient, and travel-friendly, these small affordable solid shampoo bars are far cheaper than the larger ones found in stock for you. Therefore, make it your preference while you travel anywhere in the world.
  • An average 55 grams to 70 grams shampoo bar will allow almost 30-40 washes. This quantity is similar to two small liquid shampoo bottles.
  • You can expect an 85 grams solid shampoo to last quite longer than usual. Being equivalent to a 500 ml liquid shampoo bottle, it gives 40 to 60 washes with ease.
  • The maximum size a shampoo bar comes in is about 90 grams to 110 grams. Equivalent to one large or two medium-sized liquid shampoo bottles, you can expect 60-80 washes without any hitch.

How long does solid shampoo last?

The life of a shampoo bar will verily depend on the brand it stands for. The same shampoo but two different brands will naturally give pole apart outcomes, no matter what weight it carries.

Each brand comes with a unique composition. However, most solid shampoo bars specify the number of hair wash expected from them.

Preservation and Care

Work a little harder to preserve your solid shampoo bar to elongates its use. The drier it is kept, the better.


The frequent occurrences of using shampoo for hair wash hold great significance. Suppose a bar is shared among people. As expected, the practice increases. Moreover, your hair length and volume accounts for increased usage of the shampoo bar.

How long do lush shampoo bars last?

Lush shampoo bars are economical, user-friendly, and compatible as they claim to be. The lush shampoo bars being self-preserved are by and large up for grabs. A perfect formulation that adds value and fulfills purpose is ideally suited to match your needs anywhere and at any time.

Lush formulators make bar shampoos according to a set standard. The highly-concentrated consistency of a single shampoo bar is parallel to three 250 grams liquid shampoo bottles. Subsequently, relish 60-100 washes with a single shampoo bar and revel in soft, smooth hair.

To your advantage, a single bar that equals three shampoo bottles is lightweight and petite. For your ease and comfort, you can even keep it in your carry-on cosmetic pouch as you travel to places hazard-free.

A lush bar shampoo bar ends up being mushy and gooey if left for long hours in a damp environment. In this condition, it quickly dissolves before time. Another drawback that adds up to a bar getting slippery and difficult to handle is because it is left wet and waterlogged. As a result, a significant amount gets wasted by sticking onto the soap dish.

What to do to make it last longer?

The only key to make a shampoo bar continue longer is to store it well when not in use. You cannot store your solid shampoo in a shower area or near damp places where the bar is soaked.

One successful method that keeps your shampoo bar running and in function is the ever-fascinating DAD method that works wonders. The DAD method stands for drainage, airflow, and dry air. Implement these friendly conditions to keep your bar in good shape.

If you fail to do so, your shampoo bar will wear down rapidly due to sogginess and humidity. It is essential to drain the shampoo bar dry once you have used it. To achieve this aim, avoid negligence and keep the soap water-free and away from moist between each use.

As is the custom, most people store shampoo bars in a soap dish with holes for the air to cross from all sides.

Another option that does the job well for you can be to leave the soap in the corner of the sink to dry and later keep it in a tin. Tin is a convenient way to retain the bar shape, especially during travel.

Possibilities do not end here. Another useful way to store a solid shampoo is by keeping it in a shampoo net. These nets with holes in them are made up of cotton or hemp that allow the bar to dry completely. Hang the net in one corner of the bathroom to serve the purpose.

Keeping the shampoo bar in a cool, dry place is necessary to prevent speedy deterioration. Direct heat and excessive heat can melt the bar or cause it to undergo disagreeable changes. Keep few significant considerations in view to keep the bar intact and in extended use.

  • Do not leave the solid shampoo bar in a puddle of water.
  • Keep the shampoo bar in a well-drained dish with holes in it.
  • Store it in a place where air circulation keeps the shampoo bar fresh.

Do shampoo bars expire?

Let’s presume that you bought one a long time ago and forgot all about it. Would it still be safe to use after a long time?

  • The shampoo bar remains intact and in a usable condition for 3 to 12 months. The ingredients also substantiate the age of a shampoo bar. Every brand has an expiration date mentioned on the purchased packaging.
  • Upon these terms, strictly avoid the use after the expiry date. Lest you do not practice the rules, it would bring more harm than good. Damp conditions will also make the bar expire earlier than expected due to germ accumulation.
  • One major feature that determines the shelf life of a solid shampoo bar is, of course, the oil and fat contents it contains. The type and amount in the formulation can do unwanted changes called rancidity. When the oils present in your shampoo become rancid, a pungent, unpleasant smell prevails.
  • The scent and color fade gradually, with the bar losing its freshness. Some brands add preservatives in their bar soaps. Though chemicals are added, these preservatives still increase shelf life by preventing microorganisms from attacking the shampoo bar.


Once the shampoo bar travels from the superstore to your vanity room, select a spot that keeps it clear from steam, moisture, and humidity. Cross ventilation, fresh air, and an active drainage system are few manageable steps to store your solid shampoo bar:

  1. In-shower Containers:

Beautifully designed and compact in-shower containers cover less space but being themselves spacious, you can keep big-sized shampoo bars and conditioners for everyday use. Also, do not hesitate to keep body and face wash in them.

The most prominent features include slats that remove excessive moisture. The well-designed lid prevents water splashes and keeps the bar dry. Go for non-plastic compostable containers that suit your need and add to your comfort.

A variety of fabric and string bags are readily available in the marketplace to store solid shampoo bars of all sizes. Let the bar stay inside the bag and use it according to your convenience. The handy bag provides extra lather and exfoliation.

After use, hang it to dry. The fabric will take away moisture from the shampoo bar, and the air circulation will keep it naturally dry. You can also design innovative, easy-to-use bar bags at home if you are inclined towards the in-demand DIY projects. 

Low-priced soap trays with planks or holes reflect convenience and durability. You can also use a loofah sponge as an alternate to a tray.

If you have a built-in shower rack, it is an efficient and organized way to stash the shampoo bar away. Be wary of the fact that the place remains dry and the water flow is in the other direction for the safety of your shampoo bar. A wire rack is an ideal way to get rid of drainage water. If the shampoo bar attracts dampness and moistness on the rack, shift it to a dry place without any delay.

To add luxury and beauty to storing the shampoo bar, use these cute little tins that come in an array of shapes and sizes. Introduced by lush itself, these are ideal products to be used during travel, however, take precautionary measures to avoid keeping a wet bar in the tin for constant use.


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