How long does homemade shaving cream last?

Homemade shaving cream products are a good alternative to store-bought ones, but their main downside does not last as long. So the question is: how long does homemade shaving cream last? Also, is there anything you can do to prolong its shelf life?

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The answer to them may be a bit complicated, mainly because the shelf life of homemade shaving cream depends on so many factors—for instance, the way you prepare it and the ingredients you are using. 

Do shaving creams go bad?

As with most products, some of the elements in shaving creams will degrade over time.

An unopened can of shaving cream will last for about two or three years before it expires.

However, if you do open it, the degradation process begins immediately. After about six months, its effectiveness will not be the same as when you first opened it.

It is important to note that while shaving creams and other cosmetic items do expire, they will not cause harm to your body. However, their texture and consistency may deteriorate alongside the strength of their effects.

In the case of shaving cream, an emulsion contains water to a certain degree, which means it is prone to grow mold or bacteria after it has been expired for a while. 

Therefore, it is recommended not to use shaving cream that has been opened after six months. Although it may technically still work, it will most likely feel gross and messy. 

How to tell if your shaving cream has expired?

Determining if shaving cream or other cosmetic products have expired is straightforward. Below are some of the most common scenarios when your shaving cream is approaching or has passed its expiration date.

  • Early signs that your shaving cream has expired include color changes. For example, its original white color may slowly turn into a yellowish hue. It could also turn darker over time.
  • The smell is a good indicator of its integrity. If you detect an odor that’s out of place or smell nothing at all, there’s a decent chance that it has already expired.
  • If your shaving cream has become somewhat dry, this means it has already expired or is about to. 
  • Expired shaving creams are likely to produce less foam than they would in normal conditions. Good lather production means that your shaving cream is as good as new.

Please remember that while expired shaving cream will still be functional, it is still recommended to replace it. Especially considering the risk of mold and bacteria growth within the bottle.

Still, as advancements in science are made, the cosmetic industry moves forward as well. Therefore, new technologies and techniques to enhance the longevity of shaving cream will likely be developed in the years. 

Why does shaving cream go bad?

Shaving cream goes bad because of different reasons. Here are a few things you can keep in mind to prevent it from happening too quickly.

  1. Handling

Poor handling can be detrimental to shaving cream. Even if the product is past its expiration, its quality can still worsen after a few months. Shaving cream is meant to be stored at a particular temperature, and keeping it in harsh conditions can speed up its degradation. 

Also, once you open the container, it will become vulnerable to contamination — not only from the air but also from your hands as you touch it. 

It is strongly recommended to keep it in an area where moisture and other agents present in the air are at a minimum. Furthermore, make sure that the container is appropriately closed so that it’s as protected from external factors as possible. Not doing so can reduce its longevity and effectiveness.

  1. Expiration

Some commercial shaving creams don’t have any expiry dates, but in the case of homemade shaving cream, you need to start counting from the day you finished the product. While commercial products may expire after three years, homemade options are usually only functional anywhere from one month to one year. Most recipes will specify how long it will be before your homemade shaving cream expires.

How long does homemade shaving cream last?

The longevity of your homemade shaving cream depends on the recipe you followed, but keeping them free of water and moisture helps in prolonging their shelf life. Some recipes last for only one month, while others last for half a year.

Some recipes last for as long as one year, based on how you use and store the product. The ingredients used and the process involved in producing it also play a big role.

It is critical not to allow shaving cream to get in contact with water, as it will only accelerate its expiration. Water contributes to the bacteria and mold growth, which can cause the shaving cream to have an unpleasant smell and an unnatural texture. It’s best to store it in a non-humid area and keep the bottle closed at all times (even while you’re shaving) to prevent moisture buildup.

What can you do to make it last longer?

We’ve already mentioned some of the shaving cream’s quick expiration issues. But what can you do to make it last longer than it is intended to?

Here are some tips that will help extend your homemade shaving cream’s shelf life.

  • Make sure that the bottle you will store the shaving cream in is completely dry before you put the product in.
  • Don’t let water get into the container while you’re filling it up with shaving cream. Water will contribute to the growth of bacteria and mold. 
  • Keep the container closed when you’re not using it. 
  • Store the container in a moisture-free area.

Although you can’t change the expiry date of your homemade shaving cream, it is possible to make it last a bit longer by keeping it safe and treating the container with care. These small actions can help a lot in the long term. 

What happens if you use old shaving cream?

Many people use old shaving cream because they still work while they aren’t as effective as before. As long as you’ve kept the cream moisture-free and away from water, it should be fine. 

However, using an old shaving cream may trigger skin problems like an acne outbreak, rashes, or skin irritation. If these sound like things you’d rather not deal with, toss that several-month-old bottle of shaving cream on your bathroom shelf out. 

How do you store homemade shaving cream long-term?

As mentioned above, your top priority is storing your homemade shaving cream in a dry place. Also, keep the container tightly closed when it’s not in use to prevent moisture and other agents from contaminating the product.

As long as you don’t let water and humidity enter the container, it should remain good as new for a couple of months.


While it is possible to extend a shaving cream product’s shelf life, the bottom line is that shaving cream will still inevitably go bad.

If your current shaving cream has expired, the best course of action is to stop using it altogether. This will protect you from suffering from adverse effects in the long term, such as acne and rashes. We recommend using your homemade shaving cream for just the amount of time stated in its recipe.

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