Are bath bombs safe to use in jacuzzi tubs?

Hot tubs and fizzy bath bombs are an ideal combination for busting stress from your body and mind. However, using bath bombs carelessly in a hot tub may leave you in trouble.

Bath Bombs are safe to use in a jacuzzi tub, however, salts can leave a residue, and decorative contents can clog your filters even with only a few uses. You can prevent this by cleaning your jets once a week or place your bath bombs in nylon stocking or cloth bag, which will help prevent clogging.

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Dyes can discolor your tub, salts can leave a residue, and decorative contents can clog your filters. A couple of careless uses may cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. But there are a few ways of using bath bombs in a jacuzzi without having to worry about bills.

Should I avoid bath bombs in my hot tub?

You can use bath bombs in hot tubs if you’re careful. Certain types are safe for jacuzzi tubs (when used properly). However, it might be another story with some bath bombs, as they may ruin your tub and end up costing you a ton of money in repairs.

When and if you plan on buying bath bombs for your jacuzzi tub, you must never buy those containing glitter, confetti, flower petals, as these ingredients are known to clog the jets constantly.

Some people pack their homemade bath bombs inside small cloth bags so that the problematic ingredients don’t reach the jacuzzi jets. However, this method does not fully ensure that the bath bombs won’t clog your lines, but it does help to a certain extent.

On the other hand, a regular cleaning routine ensures that your Jacuzzi will work great for years, even if you are using bath bombs in it. But even with regular cleaning, please stay away from bath bombs with glitter or confetti.

If I use a bath bomb in my hot tub, how do I clean up afterward?

If you’ve never cleaned a jacuzzi, I have some bad news, it can be a tedious task, and that’s even without using bath bombs. Adding a bath bomb increases the amount of work you’ll need to keep your bathtub shiny. Fizzy bombs are made of oils, citric acid, baking soda, and sometimes glitter or other decorative items. These ingredients leave a residue, and if left uncleaned, the deposits will stain the tub and make it lose its shine.

In addition to your Jacuzzi’s routine cleaning procedure, you will need to follow these steps to clear all the residue if you often use bath bombs in your tub.

  1. Run a very hot bath and add a reasonable amount of a dishwashing soap that does not make bubbles. You will need to run this bath for 30 minutes. It will dissolve the oil layers deposited on the walls of the bathtub. 
  2. Run another hot bath mixed with bleach for at least 30 minutes. This will clarify the jets. 
  3. Run a third, cold bath for 30 minutes. This time it should be only plain water. This plain water wash will rinse the residual material from the tub, including the remains of soap, bleach, oils, and debris.
  4. Occasionally clean the jets by using a toothbrush, or any scrubbing brush that fits, to remove the debris that may accumulate in there. 

As this procedure is tiresome, you don’t need to repeat it after every bath. For example, if you use bath bombs twice or thrice a week, then running this procedure once a week should be sufficient.

As this procedure can be quite tiresome, you don’t need to repeat it after every bath. For example, if you use bath bombs twice or thrice a week, then running this procedure once a week should be sufficient.

Do they make bath bombs designed specifically for use in jacuzzi tubs? 

You may not find any bath bombs listed specifically as “jacuzzi-safe,” but you don’t need to worry about that if you know how to handle a basic bath bomb.

Do the salts, baking soda, and oil clog the jets?

Yes, the insoluble salts and baking soda may clog your jets. Oils that are solid at room temperature may also pose problems as they solidify in the jets when the temperature cools down. 

When using bath bombs, it’s necessary to clean your tub thoroughly after each couple of uses. As these problematic ingredients are essential in a bath bomb, you can’t find ones without them, though it is better to use bath bombs that contain liquid oils rather than solids.

Will the dyes stain my bathtub?

Buying bath bombs from a reputable source ensures that their dyes will not stain your jetted tub. High-quality bath bombs have just the right amount of dyes required for their aesthetic appeal, and they will not leave a stain around your bathtub.

Therefore, if you are purchasing a bath bomb for your jacuzzi tub, it’s better to choose ones manufactured by reputable cosmetic companies.

If your bathtub does get stains from bath bomb dyes, it’s best to clean them immediately after use with the help of a soft cloth instead of leaving them to dry and create more trouble.

What about the decorative materials?

Though glitters, confetti, and flower petals give a magical look to your bathtub, they can ruin it too. If you use bath bombs with these ingredients, they will block the jets just after a few uses, and they will stop working entirely. No one wants to deal with so much hassle for the sake of enjoying a few minutes in the tub. At least I don’t.

How to use a bath bomb in a jacuzzi tub without damaging it?

You can use a bath bomb in your Jacuzzi without causing it any damage if you put in a little bit of effort and caution.

Use a nylon stocking or cloth bag to contain bath bomb residue:

You can use bath bombs in your jacuzzi tubs without damaging them by using this simple trick. Put the bath bombs inside a nylon stocking or a mesh or fabric bag before placing them into your bathtub. This will only let the water-soluble ingredients come out, including your favourite fizz. Any ingredients that are likely to create trouble because of their insoluble nature will get retained in the cloth. Just an f.y.i., this method does not guarantee that your jets will not get clogged, but it will make a tremendous difference.

Clean the jets regularly to prevent clogging and further damage:

If you’re using bath bombs in a jacuzzi tub, it’s necessary to clean the jets afterward. It will help remove debris and prevent serious clogging. A build-up in the jets can lead to problems or even a complete breakdown of the internal mechanisms. Scrubbing jets frequently helps prevent the salt, oil, and baking soda deposits from building up and causing a bigger problem.

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