Are bath bombs allowed on planes?

Are you planning on flying to your dream destination soon? How about carrying a lovely smelling bath bomb along with your bubble bar to make your bathing time more refreshing and rejuvenating? But first, let’s look at the regulations on whether bath bombs are allowed on planes.

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Are bath bombs allowed on planes? Since bath bombs are not considered liquid, you can bring them in your carry-on luggage without any issue. It’s, however, advised to put them in your suitcases wrapped in cloths to avoid getting them crushed. For the sake of convenience, it is also better to call them ‘bath salts’ when you are at the airport or in the air for obvious reasons. 

Carrying bath bombs in a plane is not an issue. Bath bombs do not contain anything that the TSA may not approve of. Therefore, you can carry them in your luggage or a toiletries bag. As their name is a bit ridiculous, you may change it when you reach the airport.

Here is all you need to know before traveling with bath bombs

Are bath bombs allowed on planes?

The short answer is yes, you can fly with your bath bombs, and you only need to place them in checked luggage (preferably a clear baggie) for smooth travel. Most people often think that the airline won’t allow them to carry bath bombs on a flight. The first and foremost reason is that airlines do not allow carrying anything liquid on the flight.

Luckily Bath Bombs Aren’t Liquid:

The good thing is that airlines do not categorize bath bombs as liquid, even though they have liquid infused. Depending on the recipe, bath bombs are compact mixtures of dry and wet ingredients, including essential oils, moisturizers, scents, colorants, cornstarch, baking soda, and many others. Their purpose is to produce effervescence when immersed in water to give a luxury bathing experience. They retain their shape and remain solid at normal temperatures.

Keep them packed for further convenience:

If you believe you may encounter problems, it’s better to carry them enclosed in their factory package if that’s still a possibility. This way, if anyone wants to investigate, they will know precisely what they are composed of and, in most cases, leave them within their package.

Keeping them in their package will also keep them easier to tackle during and after the journey.

Can I bring my bath bomb in my carry-on luggage?

First of all, we will check into the background of why carrying bath bombs in a plane is even a question. It all relates to 3-1-1 kits and the TSA regulations for carry-on luggage.

This 3-1-1 kit rule implies that you cannot place liquid products in your carry-on bag as people used to do before in a toiletry bag. You need to get your liquids screened. And you have to follow their restrictions regarding what you can’t take. They also regulate the quantity and storage method for liquids. 

So you are only allowed to take less than 3 ounces of any liquid in a one-quart container. This rule makes the screening process very simple. Solid toiletries such as combs, toothbrushes, and eye-shadows are allowed in your toiletry kit.

Luckily bath bombs are solid, and they are not liquid. Therefore they are allowed in your carry-on toiletry bags. 

Why keep the bath bombs in carry-on?

I’m sure you won’t be using your bath bombs on the flight. Then why keep them in the carry-on? The answer is simple! Once you reach your hotel, the first thing you may want is a good bath. And at that time, you will not prefer opening all the luggage to search for your bath bombs. 

The second big reason is that IF your suitcases get lost or do not come with you to your destination, your carry-on will be at least. I’ve worked at the airport as a representative for a big company, so believe me, it happens often enough. Even in some cases, you’d have to pass your holidays without your suitcases.

If you have placed your bath bombs in your carry-on toiletry bag, you can quickly grab them and go for a bath. 

But if you are sure that you won’t need them so urgently, you can simply pack them in your suitcase. 

Going through the rules of packing bath bombs might sound like a boring task. But these fragrant, refreshing balls are, to many people, worth the effort. Bath bombs can make your holidays special by turning your hotel bathtub into a warm cozy spa. This is why you see every other passenger on a plane carrying luxurious travel toiletries along with them, the most favorite of which are “bath bombs.”

How do you pack a bath bomb in a suitcase?

But the real concern here is saving bath bombs from getting smashed, especially homemade bath bombs, as they are so delicate and your suitcase is bearing a lot of weight during the journey.

How to prevent bath bombs from getting spilled all over your stuff?

For the luggage that undergoes checking, enclosing your bath bombs in packing is the best way of taking them on a plane. This will help you prevent ending up with a big mess in case your bath bombs get crushed.  A Ziploc bag for this purpose is ideal.

If you can’t get a Ziploc bag for some reason, keep them in their paper sleeves in which they are already packaged. 

Do not forget to tightly fold the upper corners of the sleeves so that if they are broken, they will not spill on the rest of your luggage. Most people who travel with their bath bombs prefer keeping them in the store’s packing or the manufacturer. 

However, some of your fellow passengers will get irritated if your bath bombs give off a strong scent. This happens if you just wrap them in a loose paper bag or a tissue. 

How to prevent bath bombs from getting crushed in a suitcase?

Packing them in between some soft stuff in your luggage will prevent them from getting smashed by pressure. An ideal place for storing bath bombs is in between a pile of clothing in your suitcase. Just like anything, you’d not want to get crushed.

You can also keep the bath bombs while traveling in your sturdy shoes or inside a Tupperware. This is an easy way to keep their shape intact and prevent them from getting smashed. 

Can you fly with lush products?

Everyone loves Lush products, and therefore a natural question that comes to every Lush enthusiasts’ mind is, “Can I take my Lush products with me on a flight.”

To clarify their customers’ confusion, Lush introduced their travel-friendly products under the label “Naked Packaging.” In this series, the products are not packaged in plastic bottles or tubs. The naked travel range includes everything you need for your care, including shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, toothpaste, deodorants. 

Lush offers most of its products in solid form to facilitate the customers’ traveling, such as powder and tablet formulations using recycled packaging plastics. The products are TSA-friendly. Now you can take your Lush bath and body essentials anywhere you travel without the fear of messy accidental spills in the plane. 

Lush has facilitated the customers by taking this step, and they don’t have to worry about liquid spills and other airline restrictions. Packing them is also a very simple job; you just need to place them in your toiletry bag. You can also get a reusable tin available from Lush.

Now we come back to the bath bombs. Whether manufactured by Lush or any other company, the bath bombs are always solid in form, and therefore they do not present any problem. You can keep them in checked luggage or carry-on, wherever you desire. 

What to call a bath bomb at the airport?

I know. This was probably one of the first things you thought about. What will I tell them when they ask what it is? The ‘B’ word is something that may create chaos in a plane, so clearly, you should avoid it at all costs. I am not saying that suddenly all security will jump you, but better be safe than sorry.

The term ‘bath bomb’ is pretty common, and everyone knows what they are. But when you are traveling with something that has a ‘bomb’ in its name is entirely another story. Imagine someone hears the word ‘bomb’ only! 

To make things work smoothly, you can call them a ‘bath puck’ or a ‘bath ball.’ These little tricks will make them a non-alarming object.

Please don’t say they are Bath Bombs.

TSA will ask you about your bag’s contents as it goes through the X-ray machine while you are traveling. At that time, you must not tell them that you are carrying bath bombs. 

If they chose to inspect your bag manually and inquire about them, you could name them as ‘bath bubbles,’ ‘bath puck,’ or ‘bath balls.’ This will save you from a lot of hassle. Otherwise, you may have to spend your vacation in a place you never expect you ever would be in.

What if TSA officials suspect my bath bombs:

Another consideration is the shape of bath bombs which look pretty decent. However, it may have a little bit of resemblance with bombs that were shown in old-fashioned cartoons. Funny things aside, but no one can predict the shape in which bad guys may pack some nasty stuff.

Therefore it is the responsibility of border agents to investigate everything you are carrying, whether it has a regular shape or an unusual one. We hope that they won’t create any problem for you as soon as they find out what you are carrying. 

The greater chance is that no one will see your bath bombs as suspicious while scanning your luggage. If they are in their original packaging, you don’t even have to explain what they are.

If the bath bombs are in a suitcase, it’s unlikely to get manually checked, and therefore no one will question them. Just save them from getting smashed on your stuff and enjoy your vacation.

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